Chapter 21

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+Cipher Mansion [With Bill]+

Bill found himself growing frantic as he tried to escape the prison cell that was his room. It was strange, he usually tried to hide away within his room and now he was trying to escape it. The blond quickly grabbing anything in his room and ramming it against the wall that was his door. He could barely chip away at the door, which was at least half a foot thick with the strong bearing wood. Bill didn't know what it was, but only that they were cell bars that kept him inside. Away from the one person he wanted to see the most.

"Bill?? Are you in there?" He heard the vampire whisper yell through the door. Which caused him to immediately perk up, after having exhausted so much of his energy trying to break down the door, he decided to take a break and think of a new means of escape. That was until he heard the voice of his best friend however, the male quickly standing and rushing over to the door as he gasped out. "Pine tree..? Is that you?" The words left him quickly and he did his best to keep quiet.

"Bill..! You're okay..! Quick.. Back away from the door..!" Dipper eagerly spoke out, allowing his hands to be covered in familiar magic that would allow him to break down the door much easier. Though Bill would quickly protest, "No..! Go get Will first! If they did what I think they did then Will is hiding in his room under his bed.. That's what they tell him to do when something awful is about to happen.. Go get him then come get me..! We can all leave this together!" Bill heard nothing for a short while, maybe Pine tree was thinking.

"Okay Bill.. Just hold on tight..!"  Dipper spoke, which were the last words Bill would hear for sometime. The male quickly rushing to grab his clothes and anything else he left. Getting ready to leave as soon as Dipper came back with Will. Who he should have also told to pack as well, which made the male rather eager. This time they could all get out of this life, they could all be free from this toxic family. Maybe they could even convince Alfred to come as well..

+Cipher Mansion [With Dipper]+

With the last but of words between the two, Dipper would once more turn invisible and take to the ceiling. Soon the vampire was quickly flying off in the direction that he smelled the familiar scent of none other than Bill's brother. Following it all the way to the blue haired male's door. Once he found it, he could easily open it. Finding it unlocked, so naturally he quickly entered and shut the door moments later. "M-Mother..?" Came the rather shaken voice of Will's. The male slowly peaking out from under his bed, only to not see anything. Which soon resulted in the male slowly climbing out from under the bed.

Moments later she was quickly grabbing his scythe, getting himself prepped for battle with anyone who could have been doing such. The male would soon jump and nearly let out a scream. Which was soon muffled by an invisible hand as Dipper spoke out in a hushed whisper. "Shh Will..! It's just me!" Dipper spoke out, which caused the male to visibly relax as he slowly nodded. This allowed the vampire to slowly pull his hand away, though he wouldn't reveal himself to stay on the safe side. "Pack your things.. We're running away."

Those words left the male so easily that he was almost shocked he even stated it so bluntly. "W-What..? W-W-Why..?" As soon as he asked, Dipper would make himself visible for a brief moment, appearing before Will and giving him the chance to look at the wounds that have yet to heal yet. That were beginning to turn into scars. "I-I.." Dipper quickly cut Will off, disappearing moments later after letting the male see. "Your family did this to me. Bill and I are running away. You can either come with or stay here with them."

Will was tearing up, something that was rather common for the male. But was otherwise, clearly out of empathy for the vampire before him. Yet at the same time he quickly turned his attention to his room, before quickly going over to his closet and grabbing his already packed bags. "B-Burning Tree made me pack them in case something like this happened.." He mumbled out, this catching the attention of the vampire. Yet it would be something he'd ask about later, seeing as they had to quickly escape before anyone found out. It was late after all and most should be sleeping.

Once ready, they both quickly departure, yet the duo would quickly be stopped at the door by none other than Alfred. The still invisible vampire readying an attack on the older male, only for the Butler to speak out. "I apologize for what has happened Master Dominic.. I kindly request that you allow me to go with you and the Masters. It's my job to protect them first. Even if it means betrayal to the family that has so graciously hired me." Dipper stared at the male suspiciously, before soon sighing softly and slipping past the Butler.

"As long as you don't cause any trouble.. Cmon.. We have to hurry and get Bill.. Who knows what'll happen." Dipper spoke, before moving up the the ceiling once more. The invisible vampire quickly rushing back towards Bill's room. The person he was really worried about in this entire ordeal. Though he would be able to see a packed set of bags, aside from Will's blue ones, these were pure black and most likely belonged to the Butler. Who expected to be able to tag along. Rolling his eyes, the trio would quickly head back to Bill's room.

Surprisingly they made it there without complications, almost as if this entire situation was going too smooth. Yet no one spoken of this, most likely to avoid jinxing their good fortune. So once they reached the door, Dipper's hand lit up in his familiar magic. In one quick punch, they were through the door. Having completely knocked the door off its hinges. Yet he didn't care, the vampire becoming visible so he could quickly hug his closest friend. "Pine tree.. What happened to you..?" The words slipped from his mouth but said vampire quickly waved them away. Placing a soft kiss upon the male's cheek almost instinctively.

"I was so worried about you.." The vampire spoke after pulling away, only to notice the flushed look on Bill's face, which soon resulted in the vampire growing wide eyed as he realized what he had done. "I-I.. We have to hurry up and go.. Else we might get caught.." He quickly spoke out, soon grabbing his hand and dragging Bill from the room and towards the door. Only for someone to step in the doorway, shadowed by the light,  as a feminine voice rang out. "Trying to escape with the enemy? Alfred, I expected more from you. When auntie learns of this, you'll all be punished." Nella spoke, before pulling out a large sword.

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