Chapter 23

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+Cave Home [With Dipper]+ 

Dipper would watch as Will and Bill talked, taking the moment to be alone by himself rather than including himself in their moment. Standing moments later, he would give his friends a quick wave a mumble out, "Gonna catch some food!" Only to leave the cave rather quickly, he wanted to be by himself and naturally needed an excuse. Though he would make sure to get some food in the process, the vampire would quickly take off and fly into the woods. Once he was sure he was quite a ways away, he settled down. 

The real reason he wanted space was to practice more of these unfamiliar powers he was growing to develop while he thought over his relationship with Bill. Now with so many others living in their cave together, Bill and Dipper wouldn't have the alone time like they were able to before. "Stupid.." He mumbled out, allowing his magic to coat his fists before soon rearing back. Only to punch a rather large tree, causing a loud crack to be heard and the male to jolt. Soon staring at the large cracking within the tree which, at this rate would probably fall over. 

Stumbling back slightly he would gently look towards his hands, confusion filling his features as he huffed out. "What's happening to me.." The words slipped from his lips as he soon gripped his hands slightly, putting his magic out as he slumped against a tree across from the one he nearly destroyed. "Where's forest protection when you need em haha.." Dipper would softly joke to himself, staring at the damage he caused and soon tearing up. Slowly things were settling in, for years he never thought about it, and now he was, and it was just... a lot. 

He ran away from his home with his best friend, only to come back and get tortured, then run away again with his best friend, his brother, and their butler. He felt like he was running away from his problems at home, but he didn't know what else he should do. People were out to kill him, and if he didn't get stronger he probably wouldn't be able to protect the people he loved. With that thought, Dipper soon realized it was probably best for him to begin training. He needed to be stronger if he wanted to protect his family, his friends, to protect Bill. 

Slowly standing up, Dipper would begin focusing his magic into the palm of his hand once more. Though he thinks it would be best if he didn't fight the trees, so he moved onto rocks instead. For a few hours Dipper would take the time to collect rocks and move them to a place that was rather far from the cave. He didn't want his friends to discover that he was training, no matter what. They would think he was trying to start a war or something, which was just a path Dipper didn't feel like dealing with. 

Dipper would first start out with smaller rocks, putting them in the palm of his hand and attempting to crush them. When he started, he had to put so much magic into his hand that he ended up exhausted just trying to crush one rock. Yet he wasn't planning on stopping until he had crushed at least one, so he continued to put a rock into his hand and squeeze. Then he'd have to take a small break to catch his breath after. After that he would go right back to attempting to crush a rather small rock. 

He kept at this for hours, struggling to actually control his magic, he's good at casting spells, he's had tons of practice. But to just command his magic into certain parts of his body? That rarely happened, all of the times being accidental no less. Remembering back to when he accidentally blew up the door handle and then when he trapped Nella, Dipper would frown softly. "I need to be able to control this.. I can't let it just be some random happen chance.." Dipper shuddered at the thought of only having the hope he could save his friends and not actually being able to save them. 

Sighing softly, Dipper went back to work, not noticing that not only one, but two people were watching him. Alfred stood off quite a ways away from the boy, watching as he tried to get a better handle on his growing powers. A smile would creep onto the older male's lips, he was pleased that he wanted to train, though he didn't know how far the boy would actually get on his own. On the other hand, Tyrone sat not too far off from the other two, though both Alfred and Tyrone seemed aware of each other's presences. 

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