Chapter 25

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+Cave Home [With Bill & others]+

Bill found himself glancing back towards the entrance of the cave every few minutes. Mainly to check to see if Dipper had returned or not, he was missing the male and found it harder to wait the more he watched the sun set. Though he tried his best to focus on conversing with his brother and catching him up on everything that was happening, he still couldn't help but worry for his vampire friend. Sighing softly, Will would gently tug upon Bill's sleeve in attempt to gain his attention. "B-Bill..? Are you okay..?" 

The blue haired male spoke, staring up at his brother with a look that Bill could only describe as extreme worry. Smiling at Will, Bill would poke and prod at his face. "C'mon Will! You know I'm just worried about Pinetree! No need for you to be worried too!" This caused Will to whine out, clearly upset about having his face messed with. Finally getting Bill to stop after some time, he would move on to rubbing at his cheeks a bit as he nodded. Alfred watched the two boys rather silently, though he had slowly moved on to tidying up the little cave they all shared now. 

The sound of something heavy hitting the ground caused the two boys to jolt, along with the two panthers in the room to crack their eyes open in curiosity. Alfred merely gave a knowing smile, before turning his gaze to Bill. "I believe that may be Master Dominic." He mused out, resulting in Bill jumping up. Much to his brother's surprise, and rushing out into the entrance of the cave to see if it really was Dipper. Once he noticed the brown locks of the vampire, he was already tackling his slightly smaller form. 

Causing Dipper to squeak out rather girlishly and Bill to laugh in response. "Pinetree! There you are! You were gone for so long I was starting to get worried!" Came the blonde's response before soon nuzzling his cheek against Dipper's rather affectionately. All while holding the male as close as possible, making it seemingly harder for the vampire to go anywhere anytime soon. "B-Bill please.. I-I can't.. breathe.." Came his soft response as he attempted to tug Bill's arms from around his neck. His face growing a bit pale in the process as he did so. 

Bill would laugh, soon pulling away from the male and instead ruffling and making his already messy hair worse. "Sorry Pinetree! I just missed you, where did you go for so long?" He questioned, causing Dipper to laugh nervously before rubbing the back of his neck. "I was out hunting silly... This boar was being really difficult. I ended up hunting some smaller animals too but realized I couldn't carry them all back.. I also picked some fruit too!" Though it was a lie, he couldn't outright say he was training either. Especially to Bill, he'd most likely want to join in but then wonder why we even need training.

Though his reason for training was to better be able to protect what he cared about, if he wasn't strong more events like this could happen. He shuddered slightly, the scars on his back being proof of how horrible humans could be. Though he also knew not all of them were bad, like Bill, Will, and Alfred. Shaking his head to get himself out of his thoughts, he came to realize that Bill had been rambling on and on about something. Which Dipper now missed basically the entire conversation of and was forced to try and figure it out.

Blinking slowly, the vampire would gently nod at anything the blonde said. Catching some bits about how our home still needed done, along with a few more things on where they should live while it's being built. "Well we can always camp out in the forest near the waterfall. We already practically live outside anyways. A few days out in the woods would be no different." Dipper responded, cutting off Bill from continuing his rant. "That's a great idea Pinetree! Plus we can show Will and Alfred all the major landmarks are!" 

Chuckling softly at Bill's continued vigor, the brunette would carefully lift the boar, moving it to an area where they could properly cut the beast apart and prepare it for dinner for everyone in the cave. All while he excitedly looked forward to tomorrow's training session with his new vampire friend. Tyrone continued to watch over his doppelganger, ensuring that the growth of the prince continued smoothly for the time being, though tomorrow he would be sending vampires over to begin construction on their home, he had hoped he'd have a few days to do it. However it seems like he's only have a day or so.

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