Chapter 1

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+Gravity Falls' Forest: Mystery Shack+

"Bro bro! Bro bro!" A cheerful brunette girl calls out. She runs around looking for her brother until she finds him in their room reading a book.

"What is it Mabel?" Her brother replies smiling at her.

The girl, Mabel, smiled back brightly at her brother. "I was wondering if you were going to come with us to go hunt for food."

The boy smiles a little with a slightly sorry expression. "Sorry Mabel, but you know I don't like hunting with everyone. I just can't handle it." He closed his book and laid it on his lap.

"Besides I have to go hunting for my own food later while you’re out."
She nods with a little disappointment. "It's okay!" She tried to sound happy. "I understand, just be careful like always okay?"

"Of course!" Sounding sure for his sister. "See you later Mabel."

"Later Dipper!"

+Gravity Falls' Town: Cipher Mansion+

A young woman, with long blond hair, walked down the hall and stopped at a door at the end of it. She knocked a few times. "Son, it's almost time to go. The vampires will be out soon, and we need to set everything up."

"I don't care Mother! Just leave me alone! I'm busy with my own things!" The voice of the son was heard from the other side of the door.

The mother sighed as she pressed her forehead against her son's door. "Please son. Your brother, Will, is already out there with your father getting things ready. So are your cousins Tad and Nella." She tried to call out her child. She knew that her other son Will was a sweet blueberry and cried every so often, but he was still able to go out with them. The mother wondered why her other son was being so different though.

"Go away Mother!" Her child shouted from the other side of the door.
The mother turned around, "Okay, I will. Just stay in the house while we're out for the night. Goodnight Bill." She walked away without another reply from her son.

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