Chapter 16

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+Mountain Cave: New Home+ 

Now that Dipper was thoroughly woken up by Bill, he would begin explaining what had happened last night and what he had talked about with Tyrone. Bill had seemed to be growing impatient through the whole thing, thus leading Dipper to only give him the important parts and talk as quick as possible so he could keep a hold of Bill's attention all the while. So naturally he left out the fact that Tyrone was his doppelganger and was rather oblivious to the fact that Bill had even run into him earlier that night. 

Once Dipper had finished explaining, Bill would nod. "Well then I guess that means we have to get moving! I can just go back to living in my mansion for the few days. I'll also be able to pack and get all of my things then." Dipper nodded, having planned to go back home and stay at the shack for the time as well. "You should sleep over!" The words caught the vampire off guard and he nearly stumbled. Soon turning his attention to his friend, tilting his head slightly. "You do realize you just asked a vampire to stay in the same place as vampire hunters, correct?"

Bill shrugged, grinning wildly at his friend, "Weeeeell the war is over. So everyone should really be getting along now right? I'm sure they wouldn't mind!" Bill would soon grab Dipper by the arm, dragging him towards the entrance of the cave. Leaving almost zero room to protest, Dipper tried to calm the nerves he was beginning to feel. The Ciphers were well known hunters, staying over their mansion for a night or two was rather scary. That's like asking a group of Jewish people to stay at a concentration camp with Hitler. 

Just because someone stays they won't kill you, doesn't mean you should be open to stay in enemy territory, especially after everything and everyone they were able to kill. The thought of some of his old friends, Wendy and Soos, came to mind. He remembered how they died on one of their hunts after the war, apparently they didn't trust hunters to keep the peace so they still went after them. Not only were they killed, but they had their charms taken from their dead corpses. The hunters surprisingly didn't shatter them on sight, but instead kept them. Probably as some sick trophy to showcase to other hunters. 

The thought made Dipper shiver, he missed his friends greatly, but he knew there was no way they were coming back. For a while, we tried to get their charms back. Attacking hunters on patrol instead of just trying to hide from them. It ended with more pent up aggression for both sides, which only helped push them further into the idea that war was the only option. As much as Dipper wanted to escape from Bill's grasp, now fearing his safety, he also didn't want to let go of Bill's hand either. His eyes trailed down to the hand that tightly held his. 

Before slowly looking back up to Bill's backside, his eyes lingered longer on certain assets... But the heated blush that was beginning to creep onto his cheeks told him it was time to move on. Dipper felt like he was stuck between a rock in a hard place, on one end, he got to stay with his best friend and crush.. On the other hand, he'd have to meet his family and stay with them for longer than the vampire was comfortable with. He knew everything was peaceful now, but the world he left was very different than the one he's in now. 

Hypnos and Asteria had been patrolling the woods for sometime, just in case anyone got too close to finding where there makeshift home was. Though since they were leaving, they'd have to update them on everything of course. "Asteria!" This was the first Dipper had spoken since Bill had begun dragging him from their cave and through the woods near town. Which of course, caused Bill to turn and look towards the vampire questioningly. As the panther made her appearance, her mate would also appear. Following alongside the two as Asteria looked up at Dipper. 

"Bill and I are going to be staying back at our old home for a day or two, some builders will come up to the cave to build our house, make sure they're with someone who looks like me, but is wearing blue. If they're not with them, then don't let them up onto the mountain unless told otherwise, okay?" Asteria nodded, before soon gently nudging her mate. The two would give one final glance at the two before both disappearing into the woods to do what was asked of them. Dipper smiled at this, before turning his attention back to Bill who was now dragging him into town. 

Dipper did his best to ignore the few looks they got as he was dragged to Bill's home, which, as he grew closer, felt more and more upsetting. He knew he would be safe for the most part, Bill was there after all, no one would really try anything while he was. Yet the thought of what could happen to him still made him come up with ridiculous ideas about how they'd torture him or something. Dipper tried to ignore these thoughts though, it's not like his family were demons or something..

As they approached the front doors, Bill pulled a key from his pocket. Easily unlocking them and soon entering without any warning. This frightened Dipper a bit, since he was raised to knock and all. Yet he soon found himself being dragged deeper inside, quickly pulling the door shut to make sure nothing important got in or out. Yet the loud slam of the doors was enough to scare the poor vampire, who jolted and soon turned his attention to the now shut doors. "B-Bill I don't know if this is such a good idea..." Bill rolled his eyes, grinning back at his friend.

"C'mon Pinetree! It's not like they'll bite you or something!" Bill teased, yet Dipper took this situation rather serious. His eyes turning up to glance at the walls where images of ancestors sat splayed upon the walls. Plenty of them had the charms of vampires, almost like it was a goal to attempt to collect as many as one could in their lifetime. Dipper watched the line continue, before soon finding his eyes landing upon the image of some who looked eerily similar to Bill, only difference was that his hair was blue. He stared at the male for sometime, and soon found himself nearly stumbling as Bill continued to drag him along. 

"B-Bill be gentle please!" The vampire whined out as he quickly moved to catch up with Bill and his fast pace. "I can't help it Pinetree! I just know this day will be one to remember!" The words left the eager human and Dipper couldn't help but agree. As the walls towered over him, the vampire felt smaller and smaller. He also knew, that this day would be one to remember indeed, whether it was a good reason or a bad one..He had no idea just yet.


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