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Back To BillDip by ParanoidDanni
Back To BillDipby Danni Paranoia
Dipper and Mabel left at the end of the summer for their hometown, Piedmont. The end of the summer means Back To School. When the bullies start picking on Dipper, a my...
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Unnoticed by DeathGale
Unnoticedby Sky Dawn
What if nobody really liked Dipper. Not Mabel, Stan, Ford, Soos, Wendy, Pacifica, no one. Except Bill, the only person, well Demon, to show any genuine interest in Dippe...
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Slave [ACTIVE UPDATES] by riyah12321
Slave [ACTIVE UPDATES]by Dirtymind
This is a story with smut about Billdip. Dipper becomes a slave to Bill. How long will he last? #billdip #yaoi #slavexmaster #gravityfalls #billdipslave
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Darkness in the castle (BillDip) by Tiny_derp
Darkness in the castle (BillDip)by Polar the icwing
Dipper and Mable the twin heirs to their Grunkles thrones. Mabel is excited to be in the throne, ruling and hosting balls. Dipper is less excited, for. multiple reasons:...
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Gravity Falls BillDip: My summer with you  by Cookiemon448
Gravity Falls BillDip: My summer Cookiemon448
After 2 years staying at their home town for summer, Dipper and Mable Pines(16) decide to go back to Gravity Falls for the summer. They stay where they always can call...
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Nightmare kind of Dream by Hoodie2
Nightmare kind of Dreamby Matthew Kalstad
Bill won and rules over the world. Dipper went into hiding with his niece after the shack was destroyed.
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Bill x Depressed Dipper (COMPLETE) by Ginger_The_Pupper
Bill x Depressed Dipper (COMPLETE)by Lazii_Em
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If a Pine Tree Falls in a Forest... by _the_crow_
If a Pine Tree Falls in a _the_crow_
Dipper felt betrayed. He felt like she had taken all his trust and burned it in front of his very eyes. The moment she floated away from that button, Dipper knew that th...
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The Colors of the Summoning Wheel (EDITING) by MyCrankyCrew
The Colors of the Summoning 𝒜𝓎𝒶 🤍
Set in the Soulmate AU where everything is black and white and you don't dream until you meet your soulmate. Billdip, boyxboy. Summary: The battle of Weirdmageddon is st...
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Love Potion Mayhem - Billdip by PricklyTrash
Love Potion Mayhem - Billdipby Prickly
Please note that this story isn't meant to be taken seriously. It's mostly just for the "lolz", if you catch my drift. ;) After quitting his original job of b...
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After Gravity (gravity falls Billdip AU) by Nova_Letswrite
After Gravity (gravity falls Fallen_Mercy
It's summer of senior year, Dipper and Mable are back to Gravity falls to enjoy their stay with friends and family as normal. But things have changed. Mable and Dipper a...
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A King Needs His Queen - Billdip by PricklyTrash
A King Needs His Queen - Billdipby Prickly
Weirdmageddon has been spreading chaos and weirdness throughout Gravity Falls. Those who haven't been turned to stone banded together to bring the Dream Demon known as B...
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I'm iNSaNE, What's you're point? (Billdip fanfic) by loverboi_lance
I'm iNSaNE, What's you're point? ( loverboi_lance
TRIGGER WARNING: this book contains BAD GRAMMAR (depressing and suicidal thoughts) so please don't read if you can't handle. If you can then good, if you can't but stil...
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Say You Love Me Already (Billdip) by hoverboard-dinosaur
Say You Love Me Already (Billdip)by zoom zoom
Space demons don't die. The lose all their powers and can only regain them if a certain person says 'I love you.....' (Cover by @sunlight-shards and art by Elentori)
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Becoming His Prince (Billdip) by CuteBakugo17
Becoming His Prince (Billdip)by Alia Cain
Weirdmageddon took a different turn in this book Dipper makes a deal with Bill to save his friends and family causing them intense depression. Bill only accepts this dea...
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Billdip Oneshots  by NekoliyNeko
Billdip Oneshots by 🎈NekoliyNeko️🎈
Most of these will be 1part one shots. I hope you'll enjoy these short stories of Bill and Dipper❤️ Will include light smut! 🏅 Rankings 🏅 7th #demonxhuman -May 24th/20...
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Human - Gravity Falls [Revised] by Moonchild3701
Human - Gravity Falls [Revised]by Moonchild3701
The story takes place five years after the show ends. Dipper and Mabel come back to Gravity Falls for the first time since then, and they are greeted by both friend and...
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The Quiet Kid by Eris_The_Fluxed
The Quiet Kidby ∆ Eris ∆
Billdip Highschool AU (Human Bill) Dipper doesn't talk. He hasn't said a word since middle school. Nobody knows why. And nobody cares. Nobody except Bill Cipher. It's...
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My Friend's Brother (a BillDip fanfiction) by The_Angelic_Turd
My Friend's Brother (a BillDip The Angelic Turd
Mabel and Dipper go to Gravity Falls for school. They spend a lot of time at Pacifica's house. Mabel is friends with her, but Dipper isn't. Having to tag along annoys hi...
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I'm Yours ~ Billdip by CrafterNoah1
I'm Yours ~ Billdipby Ęñdgàmé
"You know what this means, right Pinetree?" He said, a smirk dancing on his lips. He wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me closer and whispering in my e...
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