Chapter 4

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+Gravity Falls: Cipher Mansion [Morning]+

After Bill and Dipper's meeting last night, Bill had passed out on his bed, so to say he slept like a log. The morning light past through his window and fell upon his sleeping face bothering him. He groaned as he started to wake up from his sleep. "Stay down sun, I need more sleep time." He says rolling to the other side of his bed.

Lady Luck wasn't on his side as the door to his room slammed open even though it was locked.

"Young Master it is time to get up." A tall man wearing a butler's uniform informed him.

"Alfred, I'm asking politely once, get out of my room please." Bill stressed the last word, to no avail, the butler did not leave and went to preparing Bill's day clothes then pulling the blond out of bed. "Alfred! Get out of my room and leave me to take care of myself!" The blond exclaimed kicking the man away.
The butler gave Bill a scowl and goes away as his young master told him to do. Not before telling him today's schedule and that breakfast was ready downstairs in the dining room.

Bill rolled his eyes and got ready for the day not that the butler had fully waken him up. Taking a quick shower and dressing in his prepared clothes. He checks that the necklace he is still wearing is safely around his neck. Bill smiled at the thought of his vampire friend as he left his room. He made his way downstairs to the dining room and bursts into the room.

"Son, good morning." Bill's father, Wyatt Cipher, greeted his son with a small smile.

"Yeah, right back at you." He dropped himself on his seat and watched the servants place his breakfast in front of him. His brother Will was right next to him watching his twin eat with a satisfied look on his face.

"You look happy today Bill." Will pointed out.

Bill ignored his brother's comment and just continued eating.

Bill's mother, Ayisha Cipher, felt glad that her other son decided to show some happiness for once. "So, you two know your schedules for today?"

Both twins nodded at her, but Bill soon asked a question to his parents. 

"Yes Bill?"

"Why am I still attending hunter's training? I don't even want to hunt for vampires and you guys know that." The blond said to his parents as he placed down his utensils.

Wyatt sighed and his wife patted his hand. "Bill, it’s still required for you to learn these things about vampires. It’s for your safety and who knows, you might even join us one day to rid of those horrible blood suckers."

"Father, I told this family a million times by now that I will never continue on with the family work. I will find my own passion and take it the first moment I have it close." Bill remarked standing firm on his statement.

"Bill we just worry for you because that type of job will not be enough for you to have a stable lifestyle. You might not earn enough, and hunting vampires makes enough to have you in a comfortable zone. You could be leading a team of hunters in the Northern territory of Gravity Falls. Your Father and I have problems with not enough cover there while we still need to cover the town area, especially with the Pines Vampire Group. Think about it dear, please." Ayisha told her son in a concerned tone. She frowned a little when her son gave her a cold and an unamused look.

Bill mumbled something to himself and pushed his breakfast away from him. "I lost my appetite."

Will on the other hand was on the verge of tears seeing his brother and parents having their little fight/talk again. Then again, he also wished for his brother's well-being as they grew older and hope everything would be well in the family.

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