Chapter 26

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+Somewhere in the Woods [With Dipper & Alb]+

The bear let out a low growl as Dipper clearly trespassed on it's territory. Drawing a nervous chuckle from the boy who attempted to force his blue magic to slowly coat his form. It was easier when he started with his hands, which began growing slowly covered and soon began climbing up his arms. Soon it reached his shoulders and began spreading over his chest, already drawing beads of sweat from the male much to his displeasure. Alb watched on, clearly hoping that Dipper would be able to maintain such a feat long enough to kill such a difficult creature. 

What seemed like minutes, were merely just seconds to the duo, Dipper finally coated his entire form in the blue magic he had and was now prepared to fight the bear. Who bared it's teeth at the young vampire in attempt to scare him off. Already exhausted from controlling his magic in such a manner, a low hiss would leave the brunette in response to the bear. Usually he was much more refined when he did things like hunting, but now he felt all of his senses stand on end. 

Like he was in a fight or flight situation even though the creature he was fighting was normally much weaker than Dipper. So he found it rather difficult to keep his instincts at bay as he began slowly circling the bear. Though it kept it's attention upon the male, he cared little for it's awareness. Hairs stood on end between the two, Dipper's breathing slowed as he prepared to pounce upon the creature. Which took all of a few moments before he leapt forward, the bear reacting rather quickly and soon swiping a clawed paw at Dipper. 

The young vampire noticed how the beast seemed slow in comparison, giving him plenty of time to avoid the paw and soon slam into the beast, knocking it a few feet away and causing it to grow a bit disoriented. Standing up, the brunette quickly shook his head and got himself prepared for another attack. Though he was running out of energy faster than he cared to admit, he had noticed that it was a lot easier to send the beast flying back. He had fought large animals before, and usually struggled to take down such predators. Yet it almost seemed like Dipper could crush him at any time.

Was this what it was like to use your magic as both your defense and offense? His momentary distraction caused his magic to flicker around his form, though it was quickly summoned once more as Dipper went onto the offensive yet again. Not wanting to give the bear too much time to recover so he was soon rushing forward once more, this time his hand formed a fist and he quickly connected the attack with the bear's maw. Though being in such close quarters with such a beast, Dipper should have known it would have ended badly. 

The bear raising it's paw up once more and now drawing it down upon Dipper's arm. Causing the male to yelp as he quickly jumped away. Though now he stared upon the bear in horror and a bit of anger as he bared his fangs once more. Though the wound was quite large, it was already healing and seemed to be healing a bit faster while Dipper used his magic on his whole body. Even then, he was losing a lot of blood, causing his vision to grow a bit hazy as he stumbled slightly when he stood.

Soon he was readying himself once more to leap at the beast, finding it hard to ignore the fact that he needed to defeat the bear sooner rather than later. Ignoring the pain in his arm, he would dash towards the bear, who was already readying another attack as it raised it's paw. Dipper instead sliding underneath the bear, just narrowly missing it's swipe at his face as he found it harder to move with each passing moment. Once the bear was distracted with attempting to find the vampire, he would tackle it from behind. 

Drawing a loud roar from the brown bear as Dipper soon climbed onto it's back and sunk his teeth into the tender flesh of it's neck. The bear stood, attempting to shift and shake the male off of his back. Though the vampire would merely sink his teeth deeper. Though it didn't matter much to the bear in comparison, the blood Dipper was able to drink made him feel much better. Replenishing his energy and allowing him the chance to rip the flesh of the neck from the bear. Which was much more aggressive than Dipper intended as blood splattered onto her face and a bit of his clothes.

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