Chapter 6

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+Cipher Mansion-Morning+

Bill yawned loudly as he went into the dining room for breakfast. When he woke up this morning, he had accidentally slept leaning over his desk. 'Good thing my drawings didn't get drooled on.' He thought.

Breakfast with the family was the same, but with a little surprise to Bill. Will turned to his brother and smiled happily at him.

"Mother, Father, I think something is wrong with Will. I think we should call for some help." Looking between his parents and his twin.

Will shook his head, "Bill nothing is wrong with me. Don't you know what today is?", he asked with a hint of excitement.

Bill thought about it. "Is it the annual leave me alone day?"

"Did you forget?" Will questioned his excitement dropping into a sad tone.
"Sorry bro, I'm am totally lost right now." Bill apologized pushing his breakfast aside. His parents looked a bit shocked at him which made him wonder what the heck was up. What made today so important? Bill excused himself from the table and left his family to go back to his room to draw.
Wyatt and Ayisha looked at their blue hair son crying and sniffling once his twin left the room. "Oh son, please don't cry, Bill will eventually remember before the party." Ayisha tried to calm her son down.

Wyatt went over to his son and patted him on the head. "Everything will be alright Will. So please don't cry."

Will nodded trying his best to stop his tears. He got up from his seat and went to leave not before his parents told him something.

"Happy Birthday to you both."

+Bill's Room+

Bill went back to drawing his sketch book. He had drawn a few pictures of Dipper that he had remember from his photographic memory. When he heard a knock on his door, he closed the book and went over to open the door. He found his twin standing behind it with wet cheeks and red puffy eyes.

"Will?! Why are you crying?! Are you okay!?" Bill went into panic mode. Usually Will wouldn't cry too hard, right now wasn't that time.

Will hugged his brother suddenly and tightly. He cried into his twin's shirt. "D-Do y-y-your really not k-know what t-today is?" 

"Again, with this question..." He mumbled; Bill tried to think really hard. 'What's today's date again?' He thought and looked at the calandra hung up next to the door. 'October 1st... October 1st-' "FUCKING TRIANGLES!" He swore suddenly scaring Will.


Bill hugged his brother tightly in his arms. "I'm so sorry Will. I forgot today's our birthday." He apologized to his twin. "Happy Birthday to you little brother."

"Happy birthday to you too Bill." The blue hair teen sniffed and forgave Bill.
They spent some time together hanging out in Bill's room. Both of them caught up on each other's lives and played some video games. Time seemed to fly as they had fun, but to them it felt like hours.

+Meanwhile: Forest+

Dipper was reading his book in his room when he heard commotion going on from downstairs. Being the curious vampire he was, he went downstairs. He found his family and some of his friends talking around the living room table.

"Hey guys what's going on?" He interrupted their talking.

Ford looked at his great nephew with an astounded expression. "Dipper we were just talking about Chaos."

Dipper looked at them with a unamused look. "What about that monster?"

Soos fiddled with his fingers a bit before looking up at Dipper. "Dude, he's been cleared up of a misunderstanding. He wasn't the one who killed his father."

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