Chapter 28

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+Cave home (Revamped!) [With Dipper & Will]+

Dipper set Will down gently along with the things he was carrying and looked around their new cave home. "Wow..!" Will whispered in awe as he also stared around the entrance inside. It looked like a completely new location compared to their musty old cave. From the front entrance, you could see the cave ground was covered with a smooth, polished, and cold brown looking flooring, while the roof and pillars of the cave stayed the same. 

On the left was the living room which consisted of a grey couch with wooden chestnut brown accents and two chairs on either side to match it, along with a fully chestnut brown coffee table. A large flatscreen TV attached to the wall with speakers on either side for more surround sound and a wooden shelf underneath, filled with DVD's. At the end, a little to the right of where the living room was, was the kitchen and dining room, which consisted of the usual fridge, freezer, stove, counter-space, microwave, blender, etc. 

Along with a circular wooden dining table with eight matching chairs and a beautiful chandelier right above. In the kitchen, was a door that led to the outside of the cave, with a balcony to look out on, a surprising amount of feet above the ground. On the very far right side was a spiral staircase that led upstairs. Dipper and Will looked at each other and smiled, clearly having the same thought as they raced upstairs, leaving the stuff they had brought behind at the entrance. Dipper sped past Will quickly since he was much faster, reaching the top of the stairs, Will just a few seconds behind. They ran off into different directions, wanting to explore everything and find their rooms.

Will first found Bill's room, decorated in yellow with a queen sized bed, a desk with art supplies, and everything. He then found his room, decorated in a baby blue with another queen sized bed. Will smiled brightly at the sight and began exploring. Meanwhile, Dipper found his room, which held a blue king sized bed and more. Dipper sat on the large comfortable bed and almost felt like going to sleep right then and there, but, before he could begin to debate it, he heard a familiar voice downstairs. Perking up slightly, Dipper would get up and carefully make his way back downstairs. 

Only for his eyes to grow wide as he saw Tyrone standing within the doorway, he had a light blue gift box underneath his arm. Purposely making sure to stand by the doorway, he had manners after all. Practically flying down the stairs, Dipper quickly tackled the more mature looking vampire in a hug. "Tyrone! What are you doing here?" Excitement was practically dripping off his words, making him seem more like Mabel than usual. A chuckle was heard from Tyrone, who couldn't help but smile at the bubbly counterpart. 

"Well I came to bring gifts. Once I was told your new home was finished I came over. Do you like it? How about that human friend of yours?" Dipper blushed at the mention of Bill, quickly untangling himself from Tyrone and the two standing up. "A-Ah.. Well.. I don't know yet.. I kind of left Bill near the bottom of the mountain." A snort left Tyrone, causing Dipper's blush to worsen as he toyed with his fingers. "It was an accident! Will and I had gotten so excited when we saw it that I sort of just forgot..?" Even more laughter began leaving the light blue colored vampire, which only caused Dipper to grow more flustered. 

Will must have heard the commotion because he was now beginning to make his way down the stairs to check what was going on. Only for his eyes to land on Tyrone, causing the baby blue haired boy to let out a soft squeak of fear. Though this easily caught the heightened hearing that both vampires possessed. Causing them to turn their attention to him, Dipper quite thankful for the distraction while Will was extremely worried about what was to come. "Another human friend?" Tyrone spoke, turning his attention to Dipper and resulting in a sheepish nod.

"Would you mind if I looked around the place Dominic?" Tyrone asked, causing Dipper to perk up slightly and soon nod eagerly. "Of course! Did you want me to walk around with you or-?" Tyrone shook his head, motioning over to Will instead as a slight smirk slipped onto his face. "I'll take him instead, plus your human friend seems to be getting here." Dipper tilted his head at this, a bit confused on what he meant before turning his attention to Will. "Um.. Would you mind Will? I know you used to be fighting again the southern territory an-."

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