Chapter 31

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+Cave Home [With Dipper]+

It was dark out, though thanks to his ability to see in the dark, Dipper barely noticed any real changes. Having already made his way down the stairs and soon towards the door. Of course he checked multiple times to make sure no one noticed him, along with floating down the stairs and over the floor to not cause any noise. To top it all off he had even turned invisible to make sure if someone was up, they wouldn't see him. Of course this made sneaking out quite easy, so Dipper had quickly snuck out and into the cold air. 

Of course, he didn't notice Alfred watching him quietly, making sure the door had softly shut before he suddenly vanished into the shadows. His form shifting during the process into his much younger adult vampire form. Though he normally looked like this when he was much younger, so it's not like it was a new look to him. Stepping out of the shadows and suddenly being within the clearing, the male sitting down on the soft grass and staring up at the stars. Naturally waiting for the arrival of the young prince, while trying to seem normal. 

Dipper took to the skies during that time, and had been traveling towards the clearing at top speeds. Though now he was a bit frustrated with himself, since he had assumed Alb would be at the clearing. Alb could have easily gone off to do many things, where did he even live? He couldn't just be living out in the wild right? He had to have a place to stay, but Dipper never thought to even question the strange and sudden appearance of the vampire. Along with how he was usually always there at the clearing, no matter the time Dipper went.

This was the same case for this time as well, Dipper catching wind of the clearing and soon settling upon the ground. Once he landed, he quickly noticed Alb's form sitting on the ground. Slowly making his way over and sitting down beside the male instead of interrupting what seemed to be a peaceful moment. They sat in silence for a brief few moments, though to Dipper, who was now worrying over his anxieties, it felt much longer. He needed to know what was happening to him, but he didn't really didn't know how to ask either. 

Gently twiddling with his fingers as he sat there, Dipper turning to steal glances at the albino haired vampire, who had a peaceful smile on his face as he stared at the stars. Dipper would eventually turn his attention to the stars as well, staring at them as if he searched for answers to his questions. "So what brings you out here this late Dips?" Alb finally turned his attention to Dipper, leaning back on his arms as a sweet smile plastered itself upon his lips. Dipper was a bit startled, being suddenly addressed, but he quickly got over it as he tried to figure out what to say.

"A-Ah.. W-Well.." A blush crept onto his pale cheeks, the younger vampire stumbling over his words to attempt at a proper sentence. "Is it something to do with you smelling like a human?" Alb suddenly asked, causing Dipper's face to grow bright red and quickly scoot away from his vampire friend. "W-Well y-y-yes a-and n-no.." By now Dipper had covered his face with his hands, stumbling over his words even more now as Alb chuckled. Finding Dipper's suffering a bit more amusing than Dipper would like. "It's okay Dips! I won't judge you!"

Dipper wasn't very comforted by these words, yet knew he'd get eaten inside out by his anxiety if he didn't speak up.  Taking a few deep breaths before turning his attention back to Alb. The brunette sporting a more serious look which caused Alb to relax from his more playful nature. "S-So um.. There's this human.. His name is Bill.. I had made a promise contract with Bill a few years ago, that we'll protect each other and keep each other safe. But over the years I started to develop.. uh.. feelings.. for Bill, past the contract.. Like, I really like him.."

Alb nodded gently, but said nothing, ushering for the young adult to continue instead. "S-So recently.. we started to like.. do couple things together.. and it ended in us getting rather intimate with each other. But during that time I've been feeling strange.. Like, I'm usually not one to be dominant or demanding, I often went with the flow for things, especially with Bill. Yet after our time together in such a way.. It's been the exact opposite." Alb nodded yet again, his expression quite serious in comparison to his normal goofy grin. 

"Is there anything else you might have left out? That was it?" Alb questioned, causing Dipper to think for a moment before soon blushing yet again. "A-Ah.. I also drank his blood.. But besides the um.. intercourse.. that's it." Alb nodded once more, soon shifting so he could face Dipper. His face was serious, which caused Dipper to grow nervous and begin to squirm in his spot. "There is a reason for all of this." He spoke, which made the brunette to perk up at his words. "You want to mate with him. Really all there is to it." 

Dipper blinked, clearly unsure if he should have taken that as a joke or not. Alb continued on, "Well you love him, he loves you, so you want to make him your human permanently. Which is why you're growing more territorial towards him. Of course if you did this you'd be committing yourself to him for the rest of your lives, and if his life happened to end, you'd most likely die from heartbreak as well. It would be hard to stay away from each other but it comes with plenty of other benefits. Plus if you really wanted you could even turn this boyfriend of yours into a half-bred vampire."

Dipper was momentarily distracted by Alb's words, mainly calling Bill his boyfriend, so his face was a dark red at the thought. It took some poking from the older vampire to snap the male from his thoughts. "A-Ah uh.. H-Half-breed? I thought those weren't real?" The young vampire seemed to move on quite quickly, mainly to avoid embarrassing himself further. Alb chuckled at his words regardless, causing Dipper to pout. "They are, they're just frowned upon. Ever since our ancestors broke their contract with the humans half-breeds were seen as taboo. After a few generations they were able to pretend they were just a bad dream."

Dipper grew wide eyed at the new information, before quickly shaking his head. "So you're saying I could turn Bill into a half-breed? What would it even be like? Are they monsters like the stories?" Alb chuckled again, which caused Dipper to grow even more flustered, soon baring his fangs angrily at the older vampire. "Half-breeds are basically just humans with a bit of vampire powers. They don't have to drink blood like we do, but they obtain unreal strength, speed, stamina, better vision, and depending on the vampire that turned them, even some magic powers."

Dipper was astonished, he never knew that such a thing could be created. "They'll even be able to live longer than normal humans by a few hundred years, again depending on how powerful the vampire that turned them is. They'll still be humans, they just have vampire abilities and traits. Not a full vampire, so naturally they won't be as strong as a real vampire. But their strength also depends on the vampire who turned them too, so they could easily be as strong as the weakest royals. That's why they're frowned upon, they could become dangerous since they don't have any of the weaknesses vampires have. Though their bodies are naturally easier to kill off." 

All the information swirled in Dipper's mind, he wasn't sure what he wanted to do now. If he told Bill would Bill ask for him to do it? Or would he be repulsed by the idea and get upset with Dipper? However the thought of Bill being able to live even half as long as Dipper made him happy, he never outright said it but he often thought about how frail humans can be at times. 

Naturally because of this, he worried about Bill and this was why he even decided to train to begin with. What if Bill obtained magic? Or even just being able to do some few things that Dipper could? Dread suddenly filled the vampire, as another question easily slipped into his mind. What if they were found out? Would Bill be killed? Half-breeds are still frowned upon, so no doubt if they found Bill before he was strong enough to handle himself.. Alb suddenly slapped Dipper's back, jolting him from his thoughts and causing the brunette to glare at the albino. 

"What's stopping him from training with you? Plus you could easily protect him can't you? Why are you so worried?" Though Dipper wanted to get mad at Alb, he also knew he was just trying to comfort him. Smiling softly at the male, they both turned their attention to the stars. Dipper hoped Alb was right, the thought of not being able to keep Bill safe made his stomach turn. No doubt he would have to work harder to train, and maybe talk to Bill about becoming a half-breed.. Along with if he actually wanted to date him.. would he say yes?

Sorry, work got busy, I'm planning for my vacation to the UK to see my boyfriend, I have a shit ton of covid tests I have to take, etc. Sorry for short chapter but I wanted to let you guys know I am alive, and will post again on friday for missing last week. So see you in a few days. Also, question.

Would you like Bill and Will to become Half-breed vampires? 

What powers would you like them to have? Did you want them to have fangs, or changes in appearances like silted eyes, etc. What do you want a "half-breed" vampire to normally look & be like. What powers should they have, etc. As long as they don't contradict what I already said about half-breeds. Let me know! 

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