Chapter 30

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+Cave Home [With Will]+

Will was now laying face down upon his bed, trying his best to still forget about what he had done earlier. He was struggling quite a bit and thinking about it surprisingly made him horny all over again. More fantasies filling his mind as he thought about Tyrone pinning him down and railing him until the little blueberry couldn't think straight anymore. This caused Will to subconsciously squirm, a shiver running down his spine as he turned his attention to the setting sun. It had been hours since that event and no doubt everyone would be having dinner together now.

Yet Will definitely didn't have the courage to get up and see that for himself. What would he even say to his brother and Pinetree? 'Hey I heard you guys screaming?' The thought caused Will's face to flush and he quickly buried it into his pillow. He was struggling so much and it frustrated him that he was. Tears welling in his eyes at the strong feelings he got, maybe he could just lie and say he wasn't feeling well.. Yea that could work..! The moment Will got the thought there was a knock to his door. 

"Will? Dinner is ready, whatcha doing Blueberry?" Bill's voice comforted and scared Will all the same, trying his best to mask his shaky voice. "I-I'm n-n-not f-feeling w-well.. c-can y-you put m-my f-food in the f-fridge..?" Real smooth Will.. Couldn't even pretend he wasn't about to cry his eyes out. "You okay Blueberry? Did you want to talk?" Panic flooded into Will as he noticed the door handle turning slightly, causing Will to quickly speak out. "N-No! I-I want t-to be a-a-alone!" Bill stopped fiddling with the door, causing Will to relax quite a bit. "Alright, don't be upset if we feed your share to the panthers!" 

With that, Will could hear Bill's receding footsteps, letting out a breath he didn't know he was holding, Will would return to his confusing feelings. Slowly sitting up and making his way over to the window, he questioned how they cleared out the rock to make one, but decided it would be best to ignore such. Watching as the sun set, and it began growing dark, Will found himself sighing for what felt like the millionth time. "If only Master liked me that much.." Will muttered to himself, only to jump and let out a squeak. 

Stumbling over himself and away from the window that Tyrone had suddenly appeared in front of. "Let me in Will." Tyrone spoke, causing the now frightened male to quickly attempt to get up and over to the window again. Shakily unlocking the window and allowing the vampire to fly into his room. Which he began looking around curiously, studying seemingly every part, down to the drawings he had that Bill gave him. Along with the lone baby blue notebook on his desk, Will usually wrote in his free time after all. Said notebook was filled with poems, short stories, and even some songs Will attempted to write.

Naturally he never believed any of them were good but he enjoyed the action so much that he couldn't bring himself to stop. Nodding slightly in approval, Tyrone would head over to Will's bed and sit down. "Will, come here." He spoke, the command easily drawing the fidgety male over as he played with his fingers. Making sure to not look Tyrone in the eye, though this caused the vampire to grow a bit frustrated. "Sit." He spoke once more, Will quickly obeying and settling himself onto the bed as well. 

Though he attempted to sit as far as possible from Tyrone as he could, the uncomfortable behavior he was displaying was a sharp contrast to earlier, when Will was sitting in his lap. A low growl left the vampire, who was progressively growing more angry with Will's strange behaviors. He was nervous, but not this nervous. At least not around Tyrone anymore. In a swift motion, Tyrone had grabbed Will's chin and pinned him down onto his own bed. Forcing the human to look the vampire directly in his eyes. "You will look me in the eyes when I speak to you, understand?" 

Will nodded frantically, his cheeks turning a slight shade of red as tears continued to fill his eyes. "Now speak, why are you acting like this?" Will naturally stumbled over his words, trying his best to convey what was happening and yet refusing to do so all the same. Did he really want to tell Tyrone he might have feelings for him? Or how about how he masturbated to the thought of him having sex with Tyrone while listening to Bill and Pinetree have sex? How about how he wanted Tyrone to like him back too..? 

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