Chapter 32

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+Forest Clearing [With Dipper & Alb]+

Alb watched the young vampire think, he was clearly struggling to decide on how things should be. Though he was once in his shoes as well, after having turned his own lover into a half breed. Painful memories filled Alb's thoughts, of what he once had and soon lost. What had pushed him to stop following the council and the way they were attempting to push the vampire world at the time. Along with these memories came the blissful thoughts of his lover and their child. If Tyrone's grunkles weren't there at the time Alb surely would have perished too.


Alfred sat upon the edge of the deck of his home, which was rather nice seeing as he was a noble vampire. Though that wasn't what mattered, what mattered was his wife, Lilith, walking out onto the deck as well. Her belly swollen with the life of another, she seemed to be struggling to get around but often refused to get help so the vampire was forced to wait for her to return instead. "Alfred.. What do you think we'll name them? It's been months and we still haven't decided. What if they're born and we don't have a name?"

Her voice was angelic, and made Alfred swoon with each word. All the male could do was chuckle however, he looked to be in his mid twenties or early thirties, his long white hair tied back in a pony tail. He wore a simple white button down, black dress pants, and black shoes. He carefully stood and turned his attention to his wife, moving closer and gently kissing at her lips momentarily. Just to distract her from the fact that he was helping her over into her rocking chair upon the deck. 

"My lovely Lilith, you stress too much. The perfect name will come to us when it is time. Trying to pick one now might result in us being disappointed later on." This caused the half breed to pout, her amber eyes glowing momentarily before she soon turned her attention away from the male to hide her blush as well. "Alfred what did I say about helping me? I'm a grown woman, I can get around on my own." She mumbled out, Alfred having moved behind her to begin massaging her shoulders. She couldn't help but admit to enjoying it, though she would be a bit too flustered for that.

"Lilly you only say that now. Yet you always seem to relax so much when I do. When will you let me help you? I'm your husband yet you treat me so poorly." Though the words sounded harsh, the teasing tone and smile upon his lips told another story. "Alb! Stop teasing me!" She squeaked out, her blush merely worsening as Alfred chuckled at her frustrations. The scene suddenly shifted, the enjoyable warmth that came from his perfect ending vanishing and being replaced with a sudden cold. Tears flooding to the young Alfred's eyes as his wife was dragged from him.

Her screams echoing as Alfred struggled against the might of the much stronger council members at the time. "Free her! She's done nothing! We'll leave this place if that's what you wish! Please! Don't hurt her!" Fear was written across his wife's face. Her belly much larger than what it was before, their baby due in just a month or so. Yet here she was being dragged forcefully by her hair and arms from him. Kicking and screaming the whole time as she begged to be let go, to return to his side, to at least spare their unborn child.

All cries that went upon deaf ears, the much younger council members clearly uncaring, a few even telling her to shut up. Until eventually one delivered a smack to her face. Causing her eyes to widen in shock before she soon let out an animalistic growl. Baring her sharpened teeth at the group as her golden magic began coating her fingers. "You see this Alfred? This is why we cannot allow half breeds among our population anymore. They're nothing but a danger to us vampires. Their human families can even have them turn on us, or make them some sort of super weapon for killing vampires."

A council member who was currently pinning Alfred down had spoke, which resulted in immediate disagreement from Alfred as his own blackened magic began coating his fingers. "Release her! We just want to live in peace! Lilith!" Alfred called out, her tear stained face locking on his and causing her to visibly relax. Some part of her must have realized she couldn't fight back, because even if she did escape their family would be hunted and continue to suffer for as long as they lived. A sad smile graced her lips, tears now overflowing from her eyes as she shook her head.

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