Chapter 14

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+Mountain Waterfall: With Dipper+ 

Dipper quickly rushed to the waterfall, his cheeks still flushed a bright red as he entered the secluded clearing. Slowly he began pulling his clothing off, stripping fully naked before he casually stepped into the waters of the large pooling river. He made his way closer to the end, where the waterfall lay. His eyes turning up to the gushing waters as he soon submerged himself in the falls. Allowing the cold water to run over his form, even if he couldn't feel the cold, he still preferred warmth. Bill and himself would have to get a start on their home soon, he could only bathe within the falls for so much longer.

-------Incoming smut, you've been warned. I'll make it clear when it ends.-------- 

The thought of Bill caused the vampire to only blush further as he bit his lower lip. This was not the only thing the vampire noticed as he slowly turned his eyes further downward. Surprise soon filled his features as he looked over his throbbing member, standing at attention and ready for more. "I-I couldn't have..I-I mean..I-It's not him.." The boy mumbled to himself, blushing deeper as he tried to convince himself that he wasn't aroused by Bill. 

"H-He's just so..stupid..childish...h-he's" Dipper would carefully reach a hand downward, taking his shaft into his grip as he slowly began stroking it. The jolt of pleasure was almost welcomed, yet the vampire still felt as if he was doing something wrong. Yet this made him want to touch himself more. Soon picking up the pace as soft pants left him. "H-He's so hot..B-Bill..~" Dipper moaned out softly, leaning further into the falls as he placed his hand on the solid rock behind it. Now he held his hand steady, slowly bucking into his grip as he moaned softly. 

He was a bit worried he'd be caught, but the rushing waters would easily drown out any of his moans. This knowledge was still pushed to the back of his mind as he soon began pumping his cock. Blissful moans leaving him as he slowly picked up the pace. "B-Bill..~ W-Why'd you have to go and.. a-ah..!~" Dipper's moans grew louder as he only grew more worked up. Turning around to soon place his back against the rock as the water rushed over his body. Yet he seemed to care little as he slipped his now free hand up his chest. 

Now he was soon working it up to his hardened nipple, which he tugged on gently. Causing a gasp to leave him as his back arched. "F-Fuck..! I-I shouldn't be doing this.." Dipper mumbled out softly, yet he never stopped, only twisting his nipple as he pumped his cock wildly. Craving the final push that would send him over the edge. "I-I'll just m-mm.~ F-Finish real quick.." He was already feeling himself edge closer to his climax, panting heavily as he did his best to go faster. The water was causing wet noises to leave his stimulated cock. 

The sounds mixing in with his moans and causing the male to grow more aroused, thoughts of what Bill could do to him filled his mind. Leaving Dipper dazed as he drooled slightly. His tongue hanging from his mouth as his tip leaked. "Bill..~ I-I'm gonna cum..~" The vampire moaned out. He was lost in his own world, his moans growing louder as he felt the blissful pleasure build up to it's peak. Soon gasping as he finally shot his seed out into the river. Dipper blushed heavily, panting as he tried to calm himself from his orgasm. 

-------You're free to uncover your eyes children.-------- 

Dipper stood there, breathing hotly as he allowed the water to help calm him after what he had just done. It only took him a few minutes for it to sink in, his blush growing darker as he squeaked out. "I-I can't believe I..!" He quickly silenced himself, shaking his head wildly as he rushed over to the edge of the river. Climbing out, he would quickly grab the new clothing he brought along with him. This consisted of his vest, a button down shirt, boxers, dress pants, and of course socks and shoes. 

He rushed to slip the clothing back on as he tried to forget what he had just done, yet the more he tried to forget, the more he thought of it. He barely paid attention to his dripping hair, trying his best to get it combed out with his fingers. When he failed, he would let out a frustrated groan. Which soon resulted in him covering his mouth. Staring down at his now clothed form, Dipper would sigh heavily. "He can never know about this..H-He'd leave me.." The thought of being abandoned by his closest friend made Dipper whimper. 

Tears would fill his eyes slightly as he grew disgusted with himself, he knew he shouldn't have done that, but at the time he couldn't help himself. Now he regretted it with every fiber of his being, feeling filthy even though he had just taken a bath. Shaking his head slightly, he would quickly leap into the air, taking flight as he began flying up the mountain and back to their home. He couldn't act suspicious when he got back, so he began running over various different ways to explain why he had taken so long to begin with. 

As he flew up the mountain, he took careful note of the darkened sky, now hoping that Bill would be asleep instead of awake. That way he didn't have to immediately confront him and he could take more time to get over his weird feelings towards the male. Who know's how he'd react if he had to talk with Bill right afterwards. This caused the vampire to begin running through various scenarios on what would happen when he got home. Each making him more anxious than the last as he soon reached the cave. 

Yet by now, he was thinking about not going in and instead searching for more food. Of course he knew this was rather stupid, if he caught anything else, it would probably spoil before they even had the chance to consume it. Making it a rather wasteful kill. So instead, he slowly walked deeper into the cave after landing. He kept rather quiet, staring down at the ground as he inched closer to the home. Taking his sweet time so he could better prolong any interaction with the human. Yet his wish was granted as a person soon materialized in front of him.

Almost immediately the vampire went on guard, but when he noticed what the other person looked like, he relaxed. Instead growing confused as he slowly tilted his head. "Tyrone..?" Dipper mumbled out, staring at his copy in confusion. How could he have even found them? They didn't tell anyone where they lived..Well.. Dipper didn't tell anyone. This caused a small bit of anger to ignite within the vampire, he was happy to see his copy, but also a bit angry because Bill told someone about where they lived. "Hello Dominic." The cool tone of the other vampire washed over Dipper, yet he could easily pick up the hint of anger. This causing Dipper to grow a bit worried. Why was Tyrone here anyways?

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