Chapter 8

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+Forest: With Dipper+ 

Dipper didn't know how it came to this, but it was really something.
Chaos and Dipper sat across from each other in the living room to talk. To talk about what? Well, mainly about the war that was to come tomorrow night, if it wasn't for Chaos' flirting interrupting from time to time. 

"Chaos will just stop flirting for a few moments until we have this talk finished." 

"Jeez Dips lighten up will you. Why do you want to even save those humans anyways? They're the ones killing us." Chaos tells the other with hate in his voice. 

Dipper sighed and looked at albino Prince. "I know your family was killed by hunters and they framed you for it, but will you please try to move on from it Chaos. It probably wouldn't have happened if we didn't betray the humans." The young vampire shakes his head at the elders.
The Prince on the other hand wasn't convinced. He got up from his seat and went closer to Dipper. "Dips, I'm trying really, but I can't. It's like a stake through the heart really." He picks up Dipper's little notebook and flips through it. "I have to agree with the council with the battle against the humans." 

"And this is why I try my best to avoid you all the time." Dipper says angrily. "You used to show mercy Chaos and I liked you for that once. Then it all came crashing down once you decided to kill without it." He stands up and glares at Chaos in the eyes as he took his notebook back from the prince's hands. "I'm leaving." 

Chaos tries to stop Dipper, but the brunet wouldn't have it, the prince stood firm. "Dips, reconsider this please." He takes Dipper's hands in his own and kisses his forehead.
The brunet shook his head after Bill's smiling face came into his mind. 'I promised Bill, I'm not gonna let him down.' He thought as he pushed Chaos away. "Chaos, move." 


Dipper went invisible and walked quietly around Chaos. He opened the door and made a run for it. The brunet ignored Chaos' calls for him to come back. 

+Outside in front of Cipher Mansion+ 

Lined in front of the Cipher Mansion were men and women in gear. All were armed with weapons as they listened to the leaders of their group. 

Most groups were set on protecting the borderline of their territory while others went posted outside territory for battle. Another group was spread out through the town if vampires got past the borders.  

The townsfolk were put to curfews to be home before sundown and were told to put up locks as well as barricades against their doors. Most will share underground shelters with others. 

Just a few more hours... 

The storm will rage. 

+Sunset- close to dark+ 

Both vampires and humans ready to fight to defend themselves. The sun slowly descending as it let the darkness take over. The last light disappeared and both species started towards their goal. 

Bill was still in the house. He was still in his room watching from the window, his scythe, wrapped in bandages to hide its identity, in his hands and a bag secured on his back.
He put his mask on and left his room.
"I'm coming PineTree." 

Dipper was standing on the roof of his home watching solemnly as his family and friends run down south towards human territory. They didn't want to do it, but they had to by order of the council. The only one able to stop this madness is the royal bloodline which leads to Chaos. That albino Prince wanted it so there was no stopping the bloodshed. 

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