Chapter 3

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+Gravity Falls: Forest by the Mystery Shack+

Dipper spent the morning sleeping for some time for tonight's plans. He had to be sneaky once everyone else was asleep since it wasn't a hunting day. When he woke up from his sleep, he found his twin sister staring down at him.

"Ah!" The brunet fell of his bed and groaned. "What the? Mabel, were you watching me sleep?" He asked as he rubbed the side of his head.

"Sorry DipDot, didn't mean to scare you. It's just rare for you to sleep during the mornings." Mabel apologized.

Dipper rolled his eyes and smiled at his sister who returned the smile. "Yeah, I've been really tired lately, so I was catching up on some sleep. Did you need me for something by the way?" He got off the floor and sat on his bed.
Mabel nodded, "Your admirer is here to ask you out again." She gives him a lost love look and laughs.

The boy sighed and took a sleeping dart from underside of his bed. "I told him I'm not interested Mabel."

"Oh, come on Dipper, Chaos is so cool and handsome! Not to mention he's the best hunter in our group next to Wendy!" Mabel's fangirl side kicked in and she squealed a bit in excitement.
"I don't get why you don't like him."
"You wanna know why Mabel!" He shouted in irritation. "How he gets our supplies, he kills humans without mercy. He drains the blood of each human until they're dry! The guy even killed his own father and you know what family means, to all of us!" Dipper punches the bed he's sitting on. "I hate it!"

Mabel seized her fangirl side, covered her mouth and went to her brother's side to calm him down. She patted his back and whispered words of comfort to him. "I sorry Dipper, I forgot you don't like those things. I know... He killed his father, he was a nice guy too, but we have to move on from that. That was a long time ago."

Dipper hugged his sister tightly. "I'm sorry I shouted at you Mabel. His father was important to all of us. We can never move on or forget about it. I'm just stressed a bit from our group, especially him."

"You’re not disappointed in me, right?" Mabel ask hesitantly. She was feeling self-conscious about herself because whenever it came to Dipper's feelings, she'd wonder about how she made her brother feel.

He shook his head against his sister's shoulder.

"You at least show mercy to you victims."

+Downstairs in the shack+

"Mr. Pines."

"What is it Chaos?" Stan said back to the teen. Frankly he didn't like the teen around his great niece and nephew. Especially around his great nephew.
"Tell me how to win you great nephew's heart. I tried a lot of things to please him, but he's being stubborn." Chaos said to the elder vampire. His I'm-so-innocent-smile plastered on his face.

Stan rolled his eyes and went back to restocking the shelves. "Figure it out yourself kid. I'm not helping you win my great nephew's heart."

"Aww poo." Chaos flicked one of the bobble heads and watched it bob it's head up and down on the counter. Footsteps in the quite shack were heard coming down the stairs and towards the room they were in. The person came in and Chaos smiled happily. "Hey Dips!" He greeted.

"Chaos, I told you I will never be your mate or date you, like ever." Dipper firmly says and backed up when Chaos kind of got into his personal space. Never mind that, he did get into his personal space.

Chaos kept his smile, "Oh Dips, you’re going to have to realize it sooner or later that you love me." Then his eyes fell on the clock realizing how late it's become already. "We'll look at the time, it sure flies by fast." He pecked a quick kiss on Dipper's cheek and rushed out the door with a quick goodbye.

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