Chapter 19

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+Gravity Falls-Cipher Mansion [With Bill]+

Storming through the halls, Bill quickly headed to his room. Planning to grab anything else he may have needed along with Dipper. So naturally, Bill was rather surprised to not see Dipper anywhere in his room. In fact, his room looked as if no one had been there at all. Staring around the room, Bill would cup his hands to his mouth. "Pinetree! Where are you!" No response was given to the human, besides the fact that he soon heard his door shut. The sound of keys could be heard as someone locked it, eyes growing wide, Bill rushed over to his door. 

Quickly tugging on the doors, he found them unmovable. Only to slam his hands against the door, letting out a loud growl. "Who's out there! Unlock this door now!" The sighing voice of a female could be heard, "Bill will you just relax? You've upset auntie and uncle quite a bit. You'll be let out once we know you won't leave." Bill would slam his hands upon the door harder, leaving scuff marks upon the wood. "Nella for the love of God open this damn door!" At any moment, Bill felt like he'd burst. 

Glaring hatefully as his cousin spoke, "I apologize Billy but I simply cannot. Now if you'll excuse me, I must go." The words left her mouth and Bill soon heard her receding footsteps. Bill screamed out, slamming his hands and soon body against the door in attempt to get it to break. Yet his screams fell on dying ears and no one would come to aid the human. After a few hours of this, Bill collapsed beside the door. Tears collected in his eyes, this was the longest he had been away from Dipper..and for some strange reason, that hurt him.

+Gravity Falls-Unknown Place [With Dipper]+

Dipper would grit his teeth, the crack of the whip against his back for the 20th time was beginning to wear down the poor vampire. At some point, Bill's parents had come into his cell. His mother looked angry, very angry. I scared Dipper quite a bit, especially when she grabbed a whip and began using it on him. Bill's father stood off to the side and soon, a girl, most likely Nella, had come into the room. Once she arrived Dipper got a few moments of peace, everyone's attention turning to her as she shut the door. 

"Bill is safely locked up in his room, I also made sure not to tell him anything about the vampire." Bill's father, Wyatt, would nod. "Thank you Nella, have you had enough time to play with the vampire love?" The older female nodded, she glared upon Dipper for a few moments before gently flipping her golden locks from her face. "Yes of course..I may have gotten a bit carried away but serves him right. Stealing away my first child and then trying to claim he actually cared for him. If anything, he deserves to rot away in this cell for the rest of his pitiful life."

Though her words were harsh, Dipper made no effort to reply or retaliate, he didn't want to make his situation any worse than it already was. Though this didn't seem to bother the rest of the family, who sat to watch his torture. Tad had sat near the door, along with Nella. Both of them seemed rather neutral to the situation, Dipper did notice that Will was nowhere to be found however. They must have left him out of the loop in order to avoid any conflict. 

Though strange, it made Dipper just the slightest bit happier knowing that both Will and Bill had nothing to do with this. "So vampire, what plans do you have with my son?" His mother finally addressed him directly, though avoided using his name. Dipper wouldn't respond to the woman, which only made her angrier. Coiling the whip in her grip, she would bring it down onto Dipper once more. Yet Dipper remained silent, by now, the woman was angry all over again. Whipping Dipper wildly and without much restraint, leaving more gashes upon his back. Dipper would push through it regardless, the family watching as his abuse continued.

"What do you want with my son you filth! Did you plan to kill him? Use him to get to us?! Who are you working with? There's no way a simple boy could ever plan something so elaborate." Dipper's silence continued, along with his punishment for it. After who knows how many more lashes, Ayisha finally stopped. She panted heavily, whipping Dipper must have gotten her worked up. Even so, Dipper made no comment or even a sound for that matter. Dipper hung his head low, staring down at his bare chest as he breathed deeply. 

"Still no comment..Fine, let's see how you last without food for a few days." Ayisha would turn her nose up, once more flipping her blonde locks from her face once more before heading towards the door. Wyatt would follow behind her, speaking quietly to her as she tried to fix her hair. Once they had left, Tad and Nella would take one final look at Dipper before soon heading out of the room after him. The light stayed on, most likely to attempt to strain Dipper's eyes. He was a creature of the night after all, he could handle being in the sun or natural light, but artifical light generally hurt vampire's eyes.

Dipper used his heightened hearing, waiting to make sure everyone had left the room fully before he decided to get to work. No doubt he wouldn't see them for a few days if even a week, so he'd have to use that time to escape. "Oh darkness this hurts.." Dipper mumbled out, letting a rather pitiful chuckle leave his lips before he suddenly began pulling at the chains. They were made from some rather strong metal, most likely to avoid any vampire using our increased strength and breaking them. 

However, they continued to believe that Dipper was much weaker than what he really was, a few years of not capturing vampires must have left them a bit off their game. Which only meant more for Dipper, eyes glowing as he wrapped his magic around the chains. With a bit of effort due to his weakened state, Dipper began bending and soon ripping the chains apart. As they ripped from the walls, Dipper smiled rather triumphantly. He knew he was underground, so just breaking the wall and digging a hole would take quite a while. 

So he would have to run the risk of getting caught, deciding that the best way to escape would be through their very front doors. He would also have to find Bill and even Will, he wanted to help them escape this hell just as much as he wanted to be free himself. Turning his attention to the door, Dipper would allow his fist to be covered within his magic once more. A small grin appearing on his face as he reared his fist back and slammed it into the door. No doubt the walls were sound proof to avoid anyone having to hear the screams of the unfortunate vampires that came to reside here.

See you tomorrow.

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