Chapter 24

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+Clearing within the Woods [With Dipper & Alb]+

"Alright, now, slowly focus all your energy into the rock," Alb guided Dipper, who held the tiny rock in the palm of his hand. Dipper nodded softly, focusing his magic into the rock as best he could. The rock began shaking a bit, which caused Alb to perk up slightly as he watched, only for it to stop soon after. Dipper frowned at his failure in discontent, looking over to Alb to see if he had anything to say. Alb, who was watching, would smile as he spoke out. "Try again, this time, move your hand as if you're about to crush it more and feel the force between you and your magic."

Dipper would sigh, yet nodded again anyways, trying once more. The brunette would begin channeling his magic into his palm, his grip on the rock tightening as if he were attempting to crush it. It felt strangely empowering to feel the force between his own strength and his magic, forcing more magic into his fingertips to hopefully achieve his goal. A small crack could be heard, though this was missed by the younger vampire who concentrated on his task. 

Though the rock suddenly shattering caused the boy to falter with the loss of the hard rock. Dipper's eyes widened a bit in shock as he looked down the rock that once sat stiff in his palm, now turned to practically dust. Alb hovered slightly in the air now, smiling down at Dipper as he looked over the dust particles in his hand. Dipper looked up at him and grinned as well, eagerness filling him as he puffed his chest out slightly with his newfound confidence. "Good job, now try this one," Alb suggested, floating closer to the ground and picking up another rock just slightly bigger than the last.

Dipper shook the dust from his hands and grabbed the rock Alb was holding out to him. By now, the brunette already felt like he understood the task. With much less time and effort, he was able to shatter the larger rock within his palm. Soon looking up to Alb with a bit of a prideful grin. "Hm, let's try something a little bit harder..." Alb proposed with a smirk. He looked through the pile of rocks and found one that was still smaller than the palm of Dipper's hand, but significantly bigger than the previous two.

The white haired vampire passed Dipper the new rock, which caused him to raise a slight brow. To anyone looking at it, it just seemed like any ordinary small rock, but when it came to crushing said rock, that was a different story. Alb having fused some of his magic within the rock before giving it to Dipper. Which would increase the durability of the rock, along with giving it slight resistance to magic. Dipper did the same as he did before, channeling his magic into his palm with a bit of focus. 

The rock shook a bit, vibrating in his hand until a tiny crack was made. Though this had taken quite a while to achieve just a crack, around a half an hour or so. Which resulted in Dipper running out of strength in the time he spent trying to crush it. He let out a large breath he didn't realize he was holding, beads of sweat dripping forming on his forehead and running down his cheeks. "Not bad, take a few breaths, then try again. This time, let your magic surround it and grow before using your strength to try and crush it," Alb advised, floating over to the boy to carefully examine the rock for a moment.

Dipper nodded, taking the moment to collect himself before trying again. Once more he would listen to the albino vampire, letting his magic surround it until he felt that was good and began trying to crush it. The rock began vibrating until a few cracks were heard, the brunette swayed slightly. He felt light-headed and dizzy for a moment, cutting off his magic to avoid passing out. Stepping back a bit, Dipper would lean against a tree for support and looked down at the rock. 

It had broken into a few pieces in his hand, even though it didn't shatter, Dipper found himself smiling wide. He was strangely more proud of himself than before, holding the pieces out to Alb to see. Lowering himself to the ground, Alb stuffed his hands into his pockets and let out a soft whistle in astonishment. "Wow Dipper.. You some kind of prodigy? It took me a few years to be able to crush a rock like that." Dipper held his head high at the praise, though he had only just met Alb, he strangely felt like an older brother he never had.

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