Chapter 9

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+Next Day-Morning+ 

Bill woke up to the sound of somethings being dropped not too far from him. He opened his eyes to find Dipper looking at a dead boar at his feet. 

"PineTree? Is that a boar?" He asked rubbing his eyes to take the sleepiness away. 

"Yeah, I thought we could eat it for breakfast. Is that okay with you?" Dipper asked a bit shyly.
Bill smiled and nods his head. "Sure PineTree. Let me get the fire started and roast it." He tells the boy as he gets up to start making the fire. "Did you eat already?"

"I may have feed off the boat a bit before coming here." The young vampire blushed a tad. He reddens even more when Bill patted him on the head before going back to his task. "So, what now Bill? We're here after one day since the fight began." 

"We'll stay together and make this work. With what we have right now and what we will find in the future. I'll keep my promises to you PineTree." Bill hog tied the boar and started roasting it over the fire. Then he went over to Dipper and pulled him into a hug. "We'll survive this."
Dipper seemed unsure, while hugging the human. "Together?" 

"Together PineTree." Bill says assuringly and quickly pecks a kiss on the vampire's forehead. 


Dipper and Bill explored the mountain and ground level for a while until it was around the afternoon. They found a good place to rest so Dipper set up the fire while Bill looked for the food.   

The young vampire looked around their rest stop after setting up the flame. He sighed and looked off into the distance where they used to spend their lives. "I hope everyone is okay." He quietly hoped.

He turned around and started pacing himself a bit. Dipper worried for both kinds, they were both in the wrong, they just need to fix the trust. The brunet sat down and placed his crossed arms on his knees. He set his head down on his arms as he stared at the fire.   

"Ever on and on, I continue circling with nothing but my hate and a carousel of agony~" Dipper sang slowly at first. "'Til slowly I forget, and my heart starts vanishing, and suddenly I see that I can't break free." His speed in his song started to pick up. 

Around this time Bill had come back from his hunt to gather food. He found a deer just grazing off, so he was able to use his scythe to get it. The human came back to find himself listening to his friend's voice. Oh boy was he mesmerized by it. 

"I'm slipping through the cracks, of a dark eternity. With nothing but the pain, and the paralyzing agony~ To tell me who I am, who I was~ Uncertainty enveloping my mind 'til I can't break free." Dipper titled his head to the side seeing the fire start cracking the wood. He closed his eyes.   

"And maybe it's a dream; maybe nothing else is real... But it wouldn't mean a thing if I told you how I feel~" The young vampire stood up. "So, I'm tired of all the pain, of the misery inside, and I wish that I could live feeling nothing but the night. You can tell me what to say; you could tell me where to go, but I doubt that I would care, and my heart will never know." He held his hand over his heart as he walked around. "If I make another move, there'll always be no more turning back~ Because everything will change and it all will fade to Black." He started to question himself feeling just so confused. His emotions were running all over the place.   

Bill silently watched his friend feeling like that. He just wanted him to be happy. 

"Will tomorrow ever come? Will I make it through the night? Will there ever be a place for the broken in the light? Am I hurting? Am I sad? Should I stay or should I go? I've forgotten how to tell, did I ever even know? Can I take another step? I've done everything I can, All the people that I see, I will never understand. If I find a way to change, if I step into the light. Then I'll never be the same and it all will fade to White~" 

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