Chapter 2

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Dipper walked alongside the river going downstream. He often played with the water when he took a break from his walk. It was another hunt by himself to get his own food. He sighed and looked at the sky with its beautiful moon illuminating brightly.

"Today feels more peaceful than most days." He says to himself. He walks until the scent of his prey hits his nose.


+Cipher Mansion: Few minutes before the current time+

Bill laid on his bed sketching some drawings like he usually does. He stretched a bit when he decided he finally needed a break. His fingers ran through his blond hair to move his bangs to the side.

"I wanna draw something else other than this boring stuff." He sighed and looked out the window to see the full moon shine. "But I guess it's better than doing what their achieving." Bill got out of his bed and walked over to his window. He saw a deer eating some grass nearby the river.

'Now that I think about it, my deer teeth collection has been pretty low lately. I bet Tad and Nella threw most of them out again.' He thought annoyed by his cousins' doing. Bill went over to his bed and got a rope ladder from underneath it he often used to sneak out of his room.

'One trip to the deer won't hurt a bit.'
He set up the rope ladder securely on the still of the window and tossed the rest of the ladder down outside. Bill carefully proceeded down the steps as he watched his surroundings carefully. The deer was still within his sights to pluck out its teeth to add to his collection. Slowly he made careful steps up to the creature and was able to pin it down to pry its mouth open. "All right my friend! Let's make this quick and easy so I can get back to my room!"

Bill wrestled with the struggling deer, but there was a moment that made him stop momentarily.

"Um, what are you doing?" Someone suddenly asked him.

The blond turned his head towards the source of the voice to find a brunet boy staring at him and the deer. He wore a white dress shirt and black jacket; his pants and shoes were also black. Around the boy's neck was a silver chain necklace with a blue pine tree charm on it. "Sorry kid, but I'm trying to get this deer's teeth for my collection."

"First of all, I'm not a kid." He said. "May I ask what collection of yours would that be?" The brunet asked.
Bill grinned, "My Deer Teeth collection of course!" He replied, noticing the brunet fidget a bit in a shy manner.

The boy looked at the deer than at Bill. "If you wouldn't mind, may I have that deer after you’re done?"

"Sure, it's all yours, after I get its teeth out." Bill answered as he successfully pulled three teeth out.

It took some time for Bill to get the teeth out, but it was worth it for him. He got what he needed and in the process of all of it the deer passed out.

"I'm Bill Cipher by the way." He introduced himself.

"I'm Dipper Pines, nice to meet you." The boy, Dipper, says back.

A minute passed between them before they realized who the other was because of their last name. They each took hesitant steps back.
"Please don't hurt me!" They both said at the same time. Now that picked at their mind, the both of them slowly looked at each other. "You're not like them..." They say in sync.

Dipper scanned Bill's appearance as the blond kept staring at him. He's a human teen who is very much taller than him. He dressed formally with colors that consist of white, yellow, and black. The shocking thing was that Bill didn't seem to be armed with any weapons.

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