Chapter 18

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+Gravity Falls-Unknown Place+ 

Dipper found himself waking up in what looked like a cellar. He was chained to the walls by his arms. The chains looked long enough for him to travel a few feet if he stood, but they weren't long enough to reach the door that Dipper was now staring at. The door along with the chains that were on him were covered in a variety of runes. Most likely to cancel out the basic abilities all vampires possessed. Which means Dipper wouldn't be able to fly, he didn't know if it cancelled out invisibility, which was a power most vampires with magic had. 

But even if it did, it wouldn't have stopped him from being able to break the chains. He knew he could get out, he was rather special. Most vampires didn't have the vast amount of access to magic and abilities like he did, in fact some of the only people that could over power him in such a fashion was the prince of vampires, and the elders on the council. But the elders had decades to master their skill sets and the prince was well, a prince. It made sense that he was the only one who over powered him in raw abilities. 

As Dipper began thinking of an escape plan, he found himself soon jumping as the door opened and a purple haired boy walked in. It took Dipper a few moments but he soon recognized him as the male from the table earlier. "I remember you..You're family with Bill right? Why am I here." Dipper glared at the male, clearly upset that he was being held captive to begin with, but this only caused him to chuckle. "Calm yourself Pinetree. I'm merely here to have a little chat, maybe even a bit more?~"

This tone took on a more predatory taunt, causing a shiver to go up his spine as the brunette nearly hissed. "What do you want to talk about. Why couldn't we have talked before? Why did you have to chain me up to talk to me." The purple haired male would step closer, soon tilting Dipper's head up to better look him in the eyes. "Why little Pinetree, I just wanted to know what you found so desirable within Bill..Did you think he'd be an easy target..? How about a personal food source for the rest of his life?"

Dipper felt each word cut him like a knife, questions he never really thought of now surfaced within his mind, he didn't know how to respond to any of them. He knew that he wasn't after Bill in any diabolical manner, but what did he really want or rather, what did he get from being with Bill? He wanted to say he got nothing, but that really wasn't true. He always felt something when he was around the human, but Dipper never really attempted to think on it. His silence seemed to be irritating the purple haired male, who soon frowned. 

"No answer? Not an issue, we have ways of making vampires talk." He would release Dipper's face, jolting him back to his senses as he quickly spoke out. "N-No wait! I-I...I don't want to hurt Bill and I don't use him like that..I-I just want to be his friend. That's all." Dipper knew that last part was only half true, the vampire wanted to be more than friends, so much more. Over the long period of time he had known Bill, he had only come to admire him more. The smack that was sent across his face shocked him to his senses. 

Dipper's head whipped to the side, a large red hand print appearing on his pale skin. Dipper's eyes would grow wide, before soon slowly turning his head to meet the male who had just struck his face. Tad grinned down at Dipper, clearly not very caring towards what he had just done. That or he seemed even proud that he had hit him. A snarl left Dipper, upset by the sudden offense as his eyes began glowing a faint blue. Of course, this left Tad almost upset, shaking his head slightly. 

"Silly Pinetree. Those cuffs cut off any abilities a low level vampire like you could have, if we used any stronger ones, we could have killed you." The words were barely registered within his mind, but they were enough to calm him. Dipper needed to escape when he had the chance, exposing that he wasn't as weak as they thought he was, would only get him in a worse situation. He had to be smart about this, so he would be. Allowing the glow in his eyes to die out, Dipper would grow silent once more. "Don't be like that little tree, we need to keep you alive after all." 

Tad would smirk, before backing away from Dipper and soon turning, allowing himself to head towards the exit. "Nella will be down here in a few moments, be good." The condescending words brought tears to Dipper's eyes, but he had to be patient. Using his hand, he would quickly wipe the tears from his eyes before forcing himself to grow neutral, he couldn't show an ounce of weakness, if they did, they would most like prey upon it. He had to be strong for Bill, they were his family, they could easily lie and say Dipper attacked them. 

It really didn't matter, they could say anything and it would shatter their relationship, no doubt Bill would leave him. The pain that filled his chest at the thought of that only helped remind him that no pain would be greater than the pain of losing Bill. He just had push through this mess, and when he got out he could go back to the mountains with Bill and live in peace. He just hoped Bill was doing alright.

+With Bill+

Bill stared up at his family, anger filling the blonde as his family tried to convince him to stay home. "Bill we have nothing against your little..friend. We just want you to be safe, and we know that you'd be safest at home. That vampire kidnapped you, I understand that we're at peace with them now, but what's stopping them from turning on us at any moment? We have to be ready for anything, and leaving our oldest son with any vampire is a scary thought. Even if you claim that you two are best friends. Vampires really can't be trusted." As the words left his father's mouth, Bill grew more agitated. "He's more than my best friend! I'd do anything for Pinetree!"

His mother walked over, soon gently placing a hand on his cheek, she smiled softly at her son, speaking gently but firmly. "Honey, we just don't want you hurt. Please stop seeing that vampire until we can make sure he really doesn't mean any harm to you." Bill would quickly smack her hand away, causing her and his father to grow shocked. "I will not stop seeing Dipper! We will be living together after this! I'll make sure I never show my face here again when our house is done." Taken aback, his mother would step back, tears filling her eyes.

She would soon find herself nuzzling up against her husband, hiding her face into his chest as she sobbed softly. "He was never like this.." She cried out, only for Bill's father to wrap an arm around her waist and hold her close. "Bill I absolutely forbid you from leaving this house, especially from seeing that vampire." As the words left his father's lips, Bill would only grow more angered, before heading over to the door and opening. "Well you won't need to worry about that because we're leaving." He spoke, before slamming the door shut behind him. 

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