Chapter 17

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+Gravity Falls-Cipher Mansion+ 

As Bill dragged Dipper through the hall, the sound of voices would soon catch Dipper's ears. What sounded like a family, was having breakfast somewhere ahead of them. This caused the vampire to look ahead, soon noticing that they were approaching a large set of double doors. Those same doors had a soft light glowing out beneath the crack of it. The voices were also growing louder as they approached them, which jolted Dipper into remembering the reason why he wasn't trying to come in the first place. "B-Bill..? What are we doing..?" 

Dipper tried to keep his voice down as he spoke, but a rather eager Bill would ruin any chance they had of going unnoticed. "To meet my folks of course! Afterwards I can take you to the guest room, unless you wanted to sleep in my room!" Bill's voice seemingly caught the attention of anyone who was in the room, their voices dying down to hushed whispers before ultimately subsiding.  Just before we had reached the door, what looked like a butler, would open it. "Good morning Master Bill." The tall, and rather scary looking, male would speak. "Good morning Alfred!" Bill responded joyously. 

By now Dipper was shaking like a leaf, having involuntarily turned himself invisible to hide away from those his best friend was trying to get him to meet. Soon Dipper was dragged into the room, though to outsiders, it looked like Bill was holding onto nothing at all. Alfred held the door the entire way regardless, though he looked a bit confused as to why Bill was doing what he was doing. As the door shut just a few hairs behind me, I could quickly cover my mouth to hold back my very manly squeak. 

Bill pulled Dipper up to a very long table, filled with enough seats to fit a 50 plus party. Closer to the end of it, five people sat. Eating rather peacefully mind you, but they all also had their attention turned to Dipper's yellow haired friend. "Hello mother, father, Will, Tad, and Nella." Bill spoke, soon grabbing a chair and pulling it open. "I-I thought y-you weren't c-coming back?" Will was the first to speak up out of all of them. Asking the question that was most likely on all of their minds. Bill pulled out another chair, most likely for Dipper, who would take the chair that was offered.

Once Bill felt the weight of the chair increase, he would push it in slightly, before grabbing the chair he pulled out for himself before and soon sitting in it. "Well I didn't plan to, but my friend's extended family offered me a job and to build our house. Because of that, we had to get out of our little hideout so they could have time to build it. We'll only be staying here a day or two, then we'll be out of your hair." This caught everyone's attention, his father soon perking up. "We?" 

When he said that, Dipper felt like he was going to shrink back into nothingness, he just wished he could go unnoticed the entire time, but by now, it seems like he had to show himself. "Well duh, he's here with me right now." Turning his attention to the chair, he found himself staring at the nothingness that he knew was really his friend. "Well c'mon. Stop hiding." Bill's words were stern and made Dipper feel as though he had no room to argue. Though Dipper could tell his friend was getting looks and, at this rate, they would probably call him crazy if Dipper didn't show.

Of course, he would soon reveal himself, causing everyone to grow wide-eyed as he suddenly appeared out of thin air. "Everyone this is Dipper Pines, but I call him Pinetree." Everyone remained silent for a moment, before his mother, who seemed to be forcing a smile, spoke. "So son..This is the er..vampire that you disappeared with during the war?" Her tone made Dipper shrink back a little further as he began playing with his fingers. "Yep! He's my best and closest friend." Bill mused out as he soon turned t grin at Dipper.

"U-Um..h-hi everyone..Hi again Will.." Dipper mumbled out, turning his attention to the group for a brief moment before looking towards Will with a small, but nervous smile. Now everyone had their attention turned to all three, questions were raised in their minds as the learned that Will had known about Dipper before this encounter. The parents would look towards each other for a moment, knowing that they would have to have a talk with Will and Bill when they got the chance. For the moment though, "I see, well if you two are hungry then please have breakfast with us." His mother spoke, returning her attention to her meal.

"However, we don't carry any blood for vampires. I apologize." Bill's father spoke, before beginning to eat the rest of his meal. "T-That's alright, I only drink animal blood anyways..I can just go out later today and get some." The words left the vampire's mouth rather easily, though he was more talking out of nervousness rather than actual enjoyment. Yet the family still listened rather intently, yes they still had the peace treaty, but they also knew vampires were rather cunning and at any point in time they could try to back stab them like they had last time. 

The butler had come over and provided Bill with food that he gratefully took and began eating while Dipper stared at nothing in particular. Though it didn't take long for Bill to begin talking with him and helping lighten the rather dismal mood that was beginning to settle. As they spoke to each other, Dipper couldn't help but let his eyes wander over to the family that ate around them, of course they remained rather silent. But Bill's mother and father seemed to be exchanging a few words while they ate. 

+Gravity Falls-Cipher Mansion [Few hours later]+ 

Dipper had decided he wanted to stay as close to Bill as possible, he didn't really know much about the large home his family owned and he didn't want to find himself in trouble with the Ciphers. So now they were sitting in Bill's room, chatting away with each other. Yet after a while of talking, Alfred had suddenly come into the room, asking for Bill to come with him, his parents wanted to see him. This caught both by surprise and soon, Bill was getting up to go see what his folks wanted. Yet even so, Dipper was scared. 

"Don't worry Pinetree, I'm sure they're just gonna ask me about how I am and whatnot." The brunet would sigh, looking away as he nodded. "I know Bill..I'm just a bit worried..what if they don't like me?" Bill rolled his eyes, soon smiling, "Who couldn't like you! You're amazing!" This caused Dipper's cheeks to flush, soon he was smiling softly as he allowed himself to relax. "T-Thank you Bill.." Dipper mumbled out, which Bill, now halfway out the door, was cheerfully responding, "Of course Dipper! Plus with that cute smile, anyone would love you!" 

Right after he spoke the words, Bill was rushing out of the room that was soon shut behind him. But of course, Dipper was blushing rather darkly as he stared at where Bill used to be. His words left him a bit dazed as he soon laid upon the human's bed. He stared at the ceiling for what could have only been a few seconds before the door was being knocked on. Naturally, he got up to answer, thinking it would have been Bill or Alfred, but when he opened the door, a blade was soon pressed to his neck. 

Someone in a black mask was currently grabbing Dipper's hand and soon forcing him into the room more. "Don't scream unless you don't value your friend's life. If you try to fight back at all I'll make sure you never see him again." The deep voice spoke, leaving Dipper shocked and soon silent. He didn't want to not see Bill ever again, and he wanted to fight back, but he didn't know what would happen if he did. So instead, he gently nodded, allowing the male to quickly pin Dipper against the wall and soon stab something sharp in his neck. Jolting slightly, the person injected him with something before Dipper's vision began to fade and soon go black. 

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