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a/n: hi everyone :(

sooo... i have a lot to say. first, i think everyone had figured out everything as to why I suddenly left. i left because i first lost all motivation to write, secondly, school has been a complete bitch. these past two months were awful tbh, and i don't even know what to do with my book anymore. i'm not sure if im going to continue, but if i don't, i feel like i'll disappoint everyone.

plus, my stress level has been giving me a hard time. im not sure if i talked about this, but i joined this enrichment program in grade seven, it's a class where we learn more fast-paced and get a lot more homework. to this day, I honestly regretted joining it because all it does is gives me anxiety and stress. i don't even have time anymore to write anything.

i feel like it's best for me to leave because i know my mental health is a lot more important. so i just really hope everyone understands.

thank you again for being amazing and loving people, i'll be back! <3

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