Chapter Thirty-One: That Cocky Little-

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A/N: Francisco Lachowski as Landon - I'm sorry but that's really cliche because literally, everyone chooses him as a main. Once again sorry, if you want, tell me in the comments if I should switch him with another person. I am young, BUT I do know that Francisco is fine AF. Oh, please read the authors note at the bottom, it's important. :)



"You know, you've been awfully quiet today," said Ethan. I looked at all three of them, pursing my lips. I haven't actually told them what's going on, what happened with Landon, Bella and my stepbrothers. Those three are the main things I need to avoid talking about at all cost. Maybe they should deserve to know, I mean, they have been great friends and awesome football partners.

It's been about three or four days since the last time I've spoken with my stepbrothers. Honestly, these past few days I've been really lonely. Then, when I hang out with these three, it's like I'm not thinking about anything and my stress is relieved. They have tried to apologize and Avery was surprisingly the first, but I just ignored all of them. Soon enough, I think they've given up and I was really upset that they did. I know I ignored them, and there's not much they can do, but at least keep trying! If they were truly my brothers, then they wouldn't have given up. Mom and dad have already went on their honeymoon, so, it's just us in the house. They said they'd be back in about three or four days, 'cause apparently they don't trust us.

"Yeah, what's wrong Norah?" Jaxon asked. We were currently back at Daily Grind when we first came here and truly became friends. A lot of things happened at this cafe, I became friends with the three, I've got my first crush, and I told the guys my biggest secret that I was keeping to myself.

"Nothing guys, you don't have to worry about it," I told them, waving them off.

"There's obviously something wrong, just tell us," Carter said.

I sighed, twirling my hair around my finger. I stared at the three of them, my most intently stare I have ever done.

"It's personal," I said quietly. Their eyes soften.

Ethan stared at me for a while, then ran his hand through his hair. "Okay, but, if you need someone to talk to, we're your guys."

I couldn't help but smile. The first real smile in days. I knew I could count on these guys, they're just the perfect people--

Nobody can replace Bella.

I bit my tongue. Stupid head, why'd you have to ruin my sentence? I know nobody can replace Bella, and that's final!

"Ah, my already favourite customers. How are you all doing today?" Xavier said, strolling over. I gave him my fakest smile.

"Great! How about you?" I asked, way too enthusiastically. Xavier laughed, as the guys rolled their eyes. They all knew that I was faking it, but I still frowned.

"Norah, I'm doing great thank you. I'm sure you aren't though," he flashed me a smirk. I clenched my jaw and scooted further into the wall.

"Same old drinks," Ethan ordered. Xavier smiled, writing down what we want. We've been here a lot of times, so I think Xavier already know what we wanted.

"Alright, coming right up! Oh and Norah? You're looking cute today," he winked at me then ignored the glares that were coming from the guys. He walked away, chuckling. My jaw was hung open and I'm sure my cheeks were red as cherries. I looked back at the guys, swallowing hard.

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