Chapter Twenty: You Can Feel The Sexual Tension

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We all entered the food court, me with only a bag, the rest had none except Jaxon was carrying four bags. He said he needs more clothes and I didn't judge him because, well, clothes are important. Though, Adam called him a girl as I got a little offended but didn't say anything.

We made Adam go and get our food as we gave him the money. We found a booth and sat down in it, I sighed as I stretched my legs and arms. I yawned since we've been here for a pretty long day and only managed to find only one outfit for me. Wow, things really don't suit me, huh. It's pretty sad and it wasn't any better when Adam kept making fun of me.

The three of them stared at me as I stared back because honestly, I don't know why they're doing this. "So, how do you feel?"

I furrowed my eyebrows at Jaxon, "What do you mean?"

"Like, do you feel any different?" He asked, eyeing me.

I examined my arms, "No... I think I feel the same."

Ethan sighed, "I just don't understand why Adam told you to do this. I think you look fine as you are, I think he's just being an idiot."

"This idiot," Adam growled behind them as I snickered, "is right behind you."

They jumped as he slammed the tray down and slid into the booth beside me. We all grabbed everything and as we started eating until Adam's phone started ringing.

He sighed and picked up his phone, "Hey dad."

I froze, oh my god, it's Mr. Evans. Hopefully, he doesn't tell Mr. Evans that I'm with him, he'd probably embarrass me in front of the class or something.

"Yeah, I know," he started twirling his straw in his glass, "yep, I've done it. Oh, I'm with-,"

He hesitated and looked at me, "With a couple of... friends."

He cringed when he said, friends. I glared at him before punching his shoulder, he winced and scowled at me.

Jaxon snorted as Carter slapped his head.

"Two times in one day," he muttered. I smiled and held in my laughter, as Adam hung up the phone.

"Don't punch me again. I can easily ruin your life," Adam threatened me.

"How?" I taunted, not afraid of him. He laughed a dark chuckle that made me scoot further into the wall as he turned and faced me.

"By telling the whole school that your stepbrothers are the Carries brothers," he said. I widen my eyes and drop my jaw as I snap my head to look at the other three that are the only people who know!

"You didn't tell him did you?" I asked, all frantically. Before Carter could answer, Adam beat him to it.

"Oh, they didn't do anything. I figured it out myself," he said, smiling proudly.

Jaxon snorted, "That's impossible. You need a brain for that."

Nobody laughed except him.

He awkwardly looked down as Adam shook his head, "Norah, I've been neighbours with Carrie's brothers for my whole life. How did you not realize? Of course, I noticed when you've been leaving the house for school first, which isn't really smart. So, who's the smart one now?"

I looked down at my lap, "Fine, you win. Just, please don't do anything."

He didn't say anything and I looked at him, "You won't say anything, right?"

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