Chapter Eight: Don't Get Full Of Yourself

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~Theo's POV~
(Warning: Mature words used in this chapter).



"What the hell was that?" Norah muttered. I looked back at my brothers and they were still thoroughly confused. That was Norah's mom? No wonder she was in jail, she looked like a fucking psychopath! How the hell did she escape too? Sighing, I reached out my hand for Norah to grab, but she just slapped it away and stood up by herself.

She looked at me and her eyes relax, "S-sorry. I don't know what that was. My mom is supposed to be in jail, how the hell did she escape? W-what if she kills dad, what if she kills you guys? It's going to be all my fault! How-,"

I grabbed her shoulders making her stop midway, "Hold on! Just relax first, stop jumping to conclusions. I'm sure she won't come here again, just quiet down."

She sighed as I let go of her shoulders. Norah went to go sit down on the table as West went to go grab some water for her. He returned with water, as he went to go give it to her, he sat down next to her as well.

Avery leaned against the couch with Cayden, Emmet and Elijah were still sitting on the couch while I leaned against the wall of the kitchen. We all watched the scene.

"Here," West said quietly, but loud enough for us to hear. She looked up and I randomly noticed that she doesn't have any makeup on. She has tears on her face, and by now her makeup should have been ruined.

"You don't wear makeup?" I ask out of nowhere. My brothers look at me while Avery smirks, I roll my eyes. I feel myself heat up a little, is it hot in here, or is it just me? ;)

She turns to me and sniffles, "N-no. I don't have any."

"How come?" Cayden pipes in. She shrugs.

"Why should I cover myself with makeup? I'm not being myself. That and, it's uncomfortable," she says. I can't help but smile slightly, I can also see Emmet and Elijah smile too. We all have never met a girl that doesn't wear makeup. 

Norah sips her water and wipes away her tears, then narrows her eyes at us, a tiny smirk playing on her lips, "What? Being nice to me now?"

Avery rolls his eyes, "Don't get full of yourself now. We're just being nice because of your dead brother." 

Holy shit. What the hell did he just say? Cayden shoved him, he stumbled a bit before looking at us.

"Oh come on! You can't possibly start liking her now. She's a bitch for all we know-," he got cut off by Norah gasping and slapping him in the face. We all widen our eyes, and I couldn't help but smirk.

He snapped his head in her direction, holding his cheek. He was red with anger and all my 17 years with Avery, I've never seen him this pissed off before. He looked like a freaking tomato.

"What the fuck Norah!" He shouted making her step back. Before we could even blink, Norah was on the ground, clutching her nose. 

It was bleeding. 

Avery just hit Norah, not just hit her, he punched her. 

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