Chapter Twenty-Eight: I Can't Help But Love You

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"Bella Maxwell!" I exclaimed at the nurse, who was just on her computer, before my dad and I showed up and gave her a heart attack. She typed in Bellas' name, before nodding and smiling at us.

"Room 209, but how are you related to her?" She asked, tapping the desk with her nails.

"I'm her best friend, this is my dad, those are my brothers and mom," I told her. She looked up and did a double take at my brothers, probably thinking I have a lot.

"You may go," she said. I quickly raced to 209, pressing the elevator button. Dad, mom and I stepped in, as the guys stood there.

"Just wait here boys until the elevator is done with us," mom told them. They nodded, still confused about what was going on, since they have no idea who Bella was.

The elevator dinged when we got to the floor. We saw Ivy, and her mom and dad, tears streaked faces. I was heartbroken when I saw them, they're going through a lot right now, and I didn't even do anything to make the decision in meeting Bella!

"Norah!" Ivy exclaimed, running up to me and jumping into my arms. Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell snapped their heads in our direction, as they met my dad.

"Sorry f-for not coming to the wedding, William. Bella--"

"I get it, don't worry about it," dad told them sincerely. They met mom, as I waited for them to finish talking patiently if I could enter the room.

"Can I go inside," I asked, quietly.

"Sure hun," said Mr. Maxwell. I opened the door, Ivy still in my arms, nuzzling her head in my neck, refusing to look at her older sister.

"Hey Bels," I muttered.

Bella looked so lifeless. She was sleeping, wearing her hospital clothes. She was attached to the IV setup, wires fastened. She had the glass protection thing, that was covering her mouth. Ivys' eyes got more glossy, so I let her down.

"Want to get out of the room, or are you okay?" I asked her quietly.

"I'm fine," she replied, sitting down in the chair.

"How long has she had cancer for?" I asked, my eyes getting teary.

Ivy sighed, "About two, three months."

I stared at Bella, my jaw clenching. I can't believe this! I'm so mad at myself for not noticing that my best friend is going through this! She was suffering, while I was living my life like nothing was going on. She was dying, while I was smiling. She was screaming in pain, while I was laughing. How could I do this? Bella was with me, and I deserve this, for calling Landon a better friend than her. I knew Bella longer, she was my best friend, my other half. It was as if we became friends yesterday.


"Dad, come on, I really want to play with someone!" My six-year-old self cried in boredom. Dad sighed, putting the phone down and picking me up. I couldn't play with Alex since dad dropped him off at a friends house.

"Wanna go somewhere angel?" He asked. I nodded eagerly as he chuckled and put my back to the ground, and putting on his jacket, and grabbing mine.

"Let's go pumpkin," dad said, grabbing my hand. We walked outside, as the cool wind kept brushing against my face. My hair kept getting in my face, flying everywhere. Now I regret putting it in a braid, just like Alex said I would look good in.

We finally arrived at the park, that was closest to my house. Dad sat on the bench, telling me to go play. I ran to the structure, climbing it up and running around. I tried going on the monkey bars, but I tripped and fell.

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