Chapter Thirty: Sweet Little Innocent Norah

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"Come on kids, we gotta leave today. You five have school tomorrow," dad said, looking at me specifically. I sighed, getting up and following them.

The doctors already took Bella's body. Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell still need to plan the funeral. I'm still traumatized about Bella, she's probably the bravest person I have ever met. Now, I don't know how to pull myself together though. Maybe if I just think that Bella doesn't want me to act weak and be brave for her, then I wouldn't have such a hard time. I'm just going to get through this by being strong, and I'm always going to keep one thing in mind.

Nobody can replace Bella.

We left the hospital, walking to the parking lot. Dad suddenly turned, making me bump into him.

"Norah, why don't you ride with your brothers?" He asked. I looked at them, as they all looked away whistling. I made a clicking sound with my tongue and pushed Cayden away playfully.

"We'll see you guys at home," mom said, laughing. They both got into the car, pulling out the parking lot and driving away. I got in the back, Cayden and Avery following me. The twins were in the middle and West was driving while Theo was in the passengers' seat. West pulled out of the parking lot and we were hitting the road.

It was pretty silent, somewhat awkward. So, I decided to break it.

"Hey Emmet," I said, making him turn to me. "What did you mean by when you said that you know how it feels and I'm not alone. I know—,"

"Woah!" He exclaimed, covering my mouth. Everyone turned to him, except West, duh. We all looked at him like he grew another head. I furrowed my eyebrows and waited for him to take his hand off. But he never did, so I bit his hand.

He jerked his arm back and looked at me with wide eyes. "What the heck Norah? You flipping bit me!"

"Well you mister, flipping covered my mouth!" I retorted back. Elijah raised an eyebrow, pursing his lips.

"Flipping?" He said. They don't actually know I use keywords like that for swearing, nor do they know I'm censoring them out in this story, so they don't sound very manly. I shrugged, not really getting it.

He snorted, "Oh Norah, sweet little innocent Norah."

I opened my mouth then closed it.

"Hey, West, you just passed home," I told him. He glanced at me from the rear view mirror, before clenching his jaw.

"Norah," he said sternly. "Where does this Landon live?"

My heart once again skipped a beat. What the heck? That was so sudden! It's been a month since we've all talked about Landon, but they don't even know what happened between us. So, what is he on about?

"What happened dude?" Asked Theo. They all stared at West. He didn't say anything, instead, he drove into an unknown neighbourhood and parked there. He then, whipped his head around, looking at me. Well, more like glaring.

"I know what happened between you two," he said, narrowing his eyes. My heart started to run faster as my jaw hung open, "I decided to spy on you two. I knew something was going to happen since that little mother trucker looked angry. So, I heard some yelling in the parking lot, wanna know what happened guys?"

They all nodded their heads eagerly, even Cayden. I shook my head, trying to deny everything.

"You know that cliche when the guy best friend falls in love with his girl best friend?"

"That craps lame," Avery muttered. I rolled my eyes, and guess what? I didn't even stop him, and anyway, I'm not going to ever give Landon's address!

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