Chapter Twenty-Five: Admit That I Look Hot

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A/N: You could probably guess which one is Norah's lol, but just to be clear, the left one is Vanessa's wedding dress and the right one is Norah's.
If you can't see the picture at the top, then here are the links to them! :3

Norah's Dress:

Vanessa's Wedding Dress:

Hopefully, that helped! :)



"Norah, are you almost ready sweetheart?" Dad shouted from downstairs as I huffed.

"I hate this dress!" I yelled angrily.

Currently, there were so many things going on, I didn't even check if this dress fit me. I was putting on a baby blue dress, and let me tell you, it was ugly. I don't know why I bought it! We were in a big rush, I just grabbed something quick and bought it.

Somebody knocked on the door, "Norah, sweetie," it was mom, "you okay in there? Can you please open the door, I have something for you."

I sighed and got up from my bed and opened the door as mom cringed, "That's a... unique dress you have there."

I laughed, "No need to lie. It's ugly as heck."

She gave me a weak smile, "I have this dress that might cheer you up."

She handed me a white flawless dress that had a floral design on the short sleeves and another design at the bottom. It was gorgeous!

"Mom, where did you get this from?" I asked, staring at it.

She laughed, "That's my dress. I wore that to my first ever prom."

"Wow," I said.

"Go try it on!" She exclaimed, pushing me a bit. I raced to my bathroom and quickly changed into it. I stared at myself in the mirror, and dang did the dress look good.

I had already done my hair, I just gave some light curls to it. I also put on some foundation and concealer, since this was a big event, but I didn't bother to do anything else.

I left my room, as I check the time, I raced downstairs and saw dad and mom on the couch, probably waiting for me. The boys have probably left to go to the venue.

Dad looked back and gave me a warm smile as mom gathered her things, "You look absolutely beautiful."

"Thanks, dad," I told him.

Mom and dad still had to get ready at the venue, so I hurried them along and soon enough, we were in the car and driving off.

If you haven't already figured out, it's mom and dads wedding day. Remember when I told you that when we moved, I said something like their wedding day is on Saturday? Well, the people at the venue apparently cancelled and gave us a new date, which was next month, aka today.

We apparently got there in a blur, as we entered the venue, it was gorgeous! Of course, it's the classic black and white wedding, which, I love. The makeup artist quickly grabbed dad and mom and rushed them to god know's where. I entered further into the venue and saw a lot of people, and one person that caught my eye, was Adam?

"What are you doing here?" I hissed at him, pulling him over. He looked at me and yanked his arm out of my hold.

"What do you think? Your mom and dad invited me and my family," he said, "and didn't I tell you? Aren't we supposed to be cool?"

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