Chapter Fourteen: I Ran Into The Wall-

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I got home a while ago. I wasn't feeling very well from the tackle from Carter, he gave me a huge bruise on my hip. I haven't told anyone though. I plan on telling dad and Vanessa but I feel like they would make me quit. They just need to understand that I like football, I also really believe they should have a football team for girls.

I got called down for dinner. This time dad and Vanessa weren't home because they went out shopping. I don't know why, but I have a weird feeling in the pit of my stomach that the both of them are kind of neglecting us.

I sat down in my normal spot and this time, West cooked for us. He didn't spare me a glance, neither did Theo. It was just the three of us at home, the other four went to a party. So, we decided to wait for them.

Finally, the door opened and they all walked in, I coughed because Avery has been smoking. I glared at him.

"You're underage," I told him. He rolled his eyes as they all sat down.

"Does it look like I give a flip?" He asked. I shook my head and sighed, while I started eating.

I was the first one done, so I put my dishes away. Though, as I walked past the table, apparently, Avery thought it would be hilarious to stick his leg out to trip me. He was successful and I tripped, and my body hit the floor. I groaned so loud, I was worried the neighbours would hear.

"What the flip Norah?!" West yelled. I looked at him with disbelief.

"What do you mean? Ask your jerk of a brother-," I stopped midway.

My shirt rode up, probably from tripping, so now they could see my visible bruise.

I coughed and pulled down my shirt. I got up and groaned again, sitting back on the chair.

"Why is there a bruise on you?" Avery asked, looking at his phone. I rolled my eyes, thinking of a solution.

"I ran into the wall-,"

"Bullshiz," Theo said, "you can't use the wall as an excuse forever."

"Who said I can't?" I snapped.

"Just tell us the truth," Elijah said.

"Fine! I joined the football team."

It was silent at first until Emmet decided to break it, "There is no football team for girls."

I pursed my lips as West and Theo glared at me, "I-I know. I joined the guy's football team."

"What?!" West growled, "Hell no! I want you to quit tomorrow. I'm not letting you play for the boy's football team! Who tackled you? Are you okay? Have any of them made the moves on you-,"

"Wait!" I shouted, cutting him off, "I'm fine. No one has done nothing, a guy tackled me accidentally and he apologized after. I am not quitting the football team because of three reasons, 1, I love football, 2, people will think I'm pathetic and weak, and number 3, it'll make me look bad."

Everyone was quiet till Avery talked, "Wait, you made the team?"


He snorted as I grit my teeth and glared.

"Do you have a problem with that?" I asked, dead serious.

"Nope," he answered.

"Fine, we won't make you quit the team. Mom and your dad will," Theo concluded. I furrowed my eyebrows.

"No. I like football and you guys can't make me quit! I'm strong, okay? I can do this myself," I told him. He looked like he was about to say something else, but Cayden beat him to it.

"Let her play."

I smiled at him but he didn't return it. I know that he has a sweet spot for me, I can just tell. His brothers glared at him.


"Just, let her play. If she said she can do it, then let her do it. Either way, she isn't going to give up, right Norah?" He said, and he sounded like an adult.

"Right," I said. Once we were all done, Vanessa and dad came home. They were eating dinner while we all of us were on the couch, so I decided to tell them.

"I joined the football team," I said as I sat next to dad. He looked at me and furrowed his eyebrows, while Vanessa looked extremely proud.

"Oh, that's amazing Norah, dear! I'm so happy for you!"

"There isn't a girls football team in your school though," dad reminded her. Vanessa's smile died down faster than my presence in the football team.

"What? Then how did you join?" She asked.

"I joined the boy's football team," I said quietly. I heard the guys snicker as I rolled my eyes, dad looked a little worried but sighed nonetheless.

"Are you sure? They are guys, did they try anything on you-,"

"Why does everyone that?" I said. Dad chuckled and looked at me sincerely.

"We're not going to stop you. I know you like football," he gave me those eyes and I felt like crying. Truth is, Alex and I were on the football team ever since I could remember. We were the best in our school and everyone called us the football duo. I remembered the first time he threw the ball and I caught it swiftly. I didn't even notice but a tear fell down my cheek.

"Hey, hey, hey," dad said softly and he hugged me, "I know you miss him. I know, I miss him too. Just remember, he will always be with us in here," he let go and pointed at his heart, I laughed and he smiled, "there we go. Now, brighten up."

I know Vanessa was there, and I thought she was going to ask who 'he' was but she didn't. She just sat there and gave me a motherly smile.

"Thanks, dad," I said and hesitated before looking at Vanessa, "thanks, mom."

She smiled so bright, I thought for a second she was in pain. She wasn't though and got up, and pulled me into a bone-crushing hug.

You're probably wondering why I called her mom, that's 'cause I've never had a mom growing up. Vanessa is sweet, caring and loving and I'm happy to call her my mom.

I turned around and smirked at my stepbrothers who were dumbfounded.

"Why'd you cry?" Emmet asked. Mom and dad went upstairs to go to sleep early and told us not to stay up too late.

I shrugged, "Alex and I used to play football."

Avery laughed and I narrowed my eyes at him.

"What's so funny?"



▪E D I T E D▪

A/N: Wow, so now you know the real reason why Norah likes football. Don't worry, I never forgot about Alex, he's still in our heart.

Thanks for all the support on this book, it really does mean a lot! I am so excited about my book trailer too, hopefully, it'll be done soon.

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