Chapter Fifty: They Betray Me Of Course

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It's been three days.

That means it has been five days in total. I couldn't stop thinking of what my brothers have been doing, my parents and even the guys. Let's not forget Adam either. I haven't eaten anything for almost a week now. I couldn't even use the bathroom, dude! How do you think I got through that situation? Well, let's just say that there was a bucket... 

Tyler was kind enough to cut my ropes off. But ever since the past two days, when he asked me if I would join his gang. I think it's obvious what I said after that. But ever since I kindly declined, he stopped feeding me. He literally told me to go to hell and after that had a huge tantrum about being so annoying. I explained to him that you're my brothers' rivals, how could I possibly deceive them like that? Clearly, he didn't listen and instead told me to flip off. 

"I'm so hungry though!" I whined through the door. Currently, I was pounding on the door impatiently while Mark was on the other side of it. Eventually, the door swung open, making me stumble back in surprise. Mark glared at me with his green eyes. He stood there, his arms crossed and eyes narrowed.

"What the hell is your problem? You're so damn annoying!" He exclaimed angrily. Rolling my eyes, I try to get past him but he just shoves me back. "Don't even try."

"I haven't eaten in five days, Mark! Please, just let me eat something," I pleaded him. He pretended to think about it, by placing his finger on his chin.

"I don't really care--,"

That's when he got cut off. 

We both heard a smashing of glass. We both turned our attention to the glass window, which was broken. Then, our eyes slowly trailed to the body that was laying on the floor.

That body named Jaxon.

My jaw hung open as Jaxon got up. "Guys, you can't just push me through the damn window!"

"Well, it was for dramatic effect," someone grunted.

That, someone, was Carter.

His face appeared into the window, as he jumped over it and landed on his feet. 

A shadow started approaching the window, "You good Jaxon?"

That shadow called Ethan.

Ethan was the last to jump over the window. Now, they all stood there, eyeing me and Mark. Mark was dumbfounded and so was I. Slowly, I grabbed Mark's arm and twisted it behind his back. Jaxon ran up to the door and locked it. Mark winced, then pinched the skin on my arm, as I squeaked.

"Hey, that tickled!" I giggled. 

Ethan kicked Mark in the stomach, over and over again. Carter pulled me aside, eyeing every inch of my face. Then he started bombarding me with questions.

"I'm fine!" I exclaimed, cutting him off. He hugged me, really tight. Then, he guided me over to the window.

"Step on my hand," he said. Carter pulled me onto the window, "go to the white car. Hurry!"

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