Chapter Forty-Seven: Don't Forget That, Okay?

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A/N: Read the Authors Note below, it's important ._.


"Happy Birthday!" I exclaimed, jumping on Elijah. Cayden did the same to Emmet as we both started snickering. Elijah groaned under me, as he shoved my face back. "Oh come on! It's your guys' birthday for Pete's sake! Be happy!"

"Get off Cayden, you're so damn fat!" Emmet said, pushing Cayden onto the ground. I put my hand over my mouth, stifling my laughter. Cayden got back up and threw a toothbrush at Emmets' face. "Ow, where the hell did you get a freaking toothbrush from?"

"I had it with me just in case," he said shrugging. Elijah finally sat up, and since I was literally on him, I fell down. Cayden didn't help but laugh. Rolling my eyes, I grabbed his hand and pulled him up.

"Come on, there's a surprise waiting downstairs for you guys!" I said happily. Elijah sighed, getting up. Cayden led Emmet while I led Elijah. We covered their eyes with a blindfold as we carefully walked downstairs.

"Is it me or does this feel like kinky stuff?" Elijah said loudly, for everyone to hear. Mom and dad gasped, as everyone else laughed. I slapped the back of his head. "Ow! It's my birthday, jeez lady."

"Yeah, and the sad part is, you guys' are both nineteen but act like fourteen-year-olds," I replied back, taking off his blindfold. 

"Happy birthday!" The whole room exclaimed. Elijah nor Emmet reacted, but, instead shrugged. I was a little let down from their reaction.

"Hey, you know, Norah's the one who did all this," Theo told them. 

"Thanks," they both mumble in unison. I furrowed my eyebrows, confused to see their attitude. I mean, did I do something wrong? I look back at my family and mom and dad send me confused looks. I smiled slightly, picking my backpack up. 

"I'm going to walk to school today," I announced. Why am I so worked up? I put my shoes on, as I look back. Emmet and Elijah are staring right at me. 

I smiled at them.

They didn't smile back. 


"Come on kids, we can't be late!" Mom shouted. "Norah, are your friends coming with us?" 

I looked at her, "Only if the twins care."

"We don't," Emmet said, strolling past me. I looked back at Ethan, Jaxon and Carter, shrugging. 

Luckily, in school, they weren't avoiding me. Now, we were leaving and going to a bowling place. The twins decided they wanted to go out there.

We got into the cars, West and Theo were going in mom and dads' car instead. Elijah was driving, Emmet was next to him, Cayden, Ethan and Avery were in the middle and Carter, Jaxon and I were in the back.

Emmet turned on the radio, and the song, Youngblood by 5 Seconds Of Summer came on.  I couldn't help but start humming to the song as I looked out the window. It was pretty silent in the car, the only thing was heard was my humming. As I watched cars zoom by, I couldn't help but think of Landon.

This song really did remind me of him. The concept of this song is basically about love - surprise surprise - but if you listen closely, you'll understand it fully. It talks about what love does to you, how love works and your love never leaving you. I didn't realize I had tears in my eyes until Carter shook me.

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