Chapter Eleven: Too Cool For Detention

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I walked into the office, a little nervous. Landon was sitting down in a chair, glaring at Adam, who had an ice pack pressed up against his cheek, who was happily glaring back. I shook my head and smiled at the front desk lady, Mrs. Anderson, who smiled back also. She was the only staff I actually liked in this school other than Mrs. Ryder.

"Hey kiddo, why are you here?" Mrs. Anderson asked, curiously. All I could do was shrug.

"Mr. Evans sent me in here for no reason. He hates me so it's believable," I replied. Mrs. Anderson looked confused but just shook her head, smiling gently.

Mrs. Anderson is a nice young staff, who is absolutely loveable. She's in her mid 30's and is actually really gorgeous. Though, she is married, so guys don't chase after her. She has light brown locks of hair, that reaches to her shoulders, stunning green eyes that anyone can get lost into, and pale skin.

"Norah honey, I'm sure he doesn't hate you, he's probably having a bad day," Mrs. Anderson tried to assure me. To be honest, she looked so sweet, I just couldn't help but nod and smile.

"You're right Mrs. Anderson," I said, but I know she's not, "thanks."

I walked over to Landon and sat next to him, breaking his and Adam's glare off. I rolled my eyes and turned to him.

"You okay?" I asked him, worried. He stared at me and sighed, before taking the fist he punched Adam with, and showed it to me. My eyes grew wide as I took it in my hands.

"Dude, it's all bruised! How hard is your face?" I asked Adam, he just scoffed rolled his eyes.

"Well, it's not my fault he punched me. He could have just sat there calmly like-,"

"I couldn't when you assumed that Norah slept with those idiotic brothers!" Landon said, standing up. I stood up too and set my hand on his shoulder, he huffed out a breath and sat back down.

Honestly, I for some reason had the need to stand up for my stepbrothers. Even though they didn't do anything when Adam said those things about me, because as I said, they're still family.

"Hey, they aren't idiotic, you don't even talk to them Landon," I told him quietly. He snapped his head in my direction and looked as pissed as ever.

"Why are you standing up for them?" He asked sharply, his fist clenching. I gulped and sighed.

Before I could answer him, Adam cut me off, "See, this is proof that she likes them. Open your eyes, Landon, you need to start believing me."

I tsked and glared at Adam, "Look, all I'm saying is you shouldn't judge people. You both don't talk to them, so you can't just start saying they're all dangerous. Besides, how would you two like it if random people started judging you all of a sudden?"

They stayed quiet as I smirked, "Exactly, that's what I thought."

Mr. Evans sauntered into the office, still looking mad, he marched over at us and looked at Adam first.

"How are you son?" He asked, crouching down to him.

Landon snorted, "You can call him Adam you know."

Mr. Evans turned to glare at Landon, "Shut it, Devlin!"

Landon sighed frustratedly, slumping back in his seat.

"I'm fine dad, can I go to class now? I'll be okay so don't worry," Adam said. Mr. Evans nodded, letting Adam get up from his seat. He walked out of the office, not sparing neither me or Landon a glance.

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