Chapter Fifteen: We Judged You Too Quickly

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"Why are you ignoring me?"

"I'm not."

"Yeah, you are."

"No, I'm not."

"You are-, "


It's school today and I don't know why but Landon is being extra annoying. He never really is annoying, today he just is though. That's not my main priority though. Literally, the whole football team hates me for making practice end earlier. I need to do something to make them like me, because I swear, as soon as I stepped foot on the field I felt as if they automatically hated me. There's no, 'no girls' allowed to play football on the boys' football team' policy, right?

"You joined the football, team?" Landon asked as we leaned against his locker, watching people walk by. It's a normal thing we do, not really is normal though since we watch people. It's not creepy, right?

"Yeah, how'd you know?" I asked him, curiously.

He shrugged, "I'm friends with Ethan and Jayden. They kept talking about how annoying you are and that you're just joining the football team to get attention."

I furrowed my eyebrows, "Really? I mean, it is actually believable, but did you make them understand that I don't do that?"

He nodded slowly, "Kind of. They still hate you though."

I rolled my eyes, "I know Landon, I know."

He gave me a small smile as the bell rang. He nodded and waved before walking off to class. I sighed and walked to PE first. I think Ethan, Carter and Jayden are in my class. Maybe it's a chance to build a friendship.

I walked into the girls changing room and quickly changed. I don't know why, but girls in my class, literally take an hour to change. They're also super loud and once the coaches heard and gave them detention. Yeah, I know, you're probably thinking that staff are strict, no actually, they were calling girls "witch's.'

I walked out the changing room and went to go sit down on the bench as I watched all the guys play. I'm not playing with them and anyway, nobody is here that's my friend, usually, Bella is in most of my classes but I really don't know why she has been missing school. I have called her more times than I can count, and texts. She hasn't answered any of them.

Coach Travis blew the whistle and the girls were still not out. He sighed and looked at me.

"Can you tell them that there's a class waiting?" He asked. I nodded and ran back into the changing room.

"Coach want's us out now," I shouted. Everyone turned and rolled their eyes. They shoved past me and one girl, Anna, scowled at me.

"Teacher's pet," she sneered before shoving past me. I sighed and followed her out before Coach Travis smiling at me and blowing the whistle.

"See, why can't you girls be fast like Norah?" Coach shouted at the girls. Everyone was staring at me as I stared at the ground.

He sighed before telling us to gather around, "We'll be going out today. We're going to be playing soccer. I'll be splitting you into groups since we have a pretty small class, let's go."

Everyone followed Coach Travis outside. Once we got there he started listing off who's going to be with who.

"Okay, so everyone will have four people in their groups. So, first, we have, Anna, Lisa, Sam, and Leo..."

He went down until I heard my name, "Norah, Ethan, Jayden and Carter, that's the last of the group! Please huddle together and we'll be doing drills."

Wait, did he just say what he said? I mean, I don't really mind, but I think they do. I slowly walked to them and stayed far away as I could as they just stared.

He threw us a soccer ball as I caught it, "Get a partner! We'll be doing 2v2 matches."

Jayden and Carter quickly stood next to each other as they laughed at Ethan who glared at them. I rolled my eyes as he glanced over at me.


We lost.

It was really close, too! It was 4 to 5. Jayden and Carter smirked at us, mainly at me. Ethan rolled his eyes at me as I approached all of them.

"Good game, I guess," I muttered. Jayden laughed and suddenly swung his arm over my shoulders.

"Don't be shy, Norah! Good game, indeed," he said all cheery. I smiled slightly as Carter rolled his eyes and shoved Jayden away.

"Shut up, dude. Look, ya scared her," he said, nodding at me. I laughed and looked at Ethan who was looking pretty moody.

"Don't worry about him, Norah," Jayden said making me turn to him, "he's always in a bad mood."

I shook my head, "Sorry Ethan. I didn't mean for us to lose."

He looked at me with wide eyes, "It's okay. I don't really care about that."

I narrowed my eyes at them, I thought Landon was saying that Jayden and Ethan hated me. They seem pretty cool to me.

"Are you guys friends with Landon?" I asked, all of a sudden. Jayden and Ethan nodded while Carted look confused, but I ignored it.

"Weren't you guys complaining about how annoying I am?" I asked and they both froze. Carter didn't help but laugh his damn butt off.

Jayden sighed, "Yeah, we did. But we judged you too quickly, you're actually really cool."

Ethan nodded as if he was agreeing with Jayden.

I smiled and stuck my hand out. Ethan looked confused before I rolled my eyes.

"Do the thing where the guys do that weird handshake," I said. He suddenly realized as we both clapped our hands together, front and back, before finishing it with a fist bump.

Landon and I do that.

Jayden laughed and slapped Carter's back. Carter looked at him with disbelief and jumped on his back.

I smiled, "Are they always like that?"

Ethan turned, "Yeah. You don't even wanna know."

They offered to take me to the next class and I think I judged them too quick too. They're really nice and cool people, and fun to hang out with.

This might be a start to a new friendship.


▪E D I T E D▪

A/N: Oooh, what do you think about Ethan, Jayden and Carter. I don't know why, but they reminded me A LOT of Bennet, Jordan and Declan. You know, the three musketeers. The good girl's bad boys? It's an awesome book.

Sorry if you think I copied off of TGGBB, 'cause I didn't. The character kind of just reminds me of them.

Ethan - Bennet

Jayden - Jordan

Carter - Declan

Tell me in the comments if you agree!

Tell me in the comments if you agree! ♥

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