Chapter Forty-Two: I Honestly Thought You Were Lonely

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"What are you trying to get at?" West asked, glaring.

I pursed my lips, nervously scratching my head, "Well, I figured that sometimes you look a little lonely. Maybe you can give fate a chance for once?"

He narrowed his eyes, obviously offended, "Fine, at least show me a picture of her."

I pulled out my phone, swiping through my camera roll, before landing on the picture with me and Amber. We were both sticking our tongues out while winking and holding up peace signs. I honestly loved it so much, I made it my background, of course, my home screen had me, Alex and Bella as kids. I showed him the picture and pointed at Amber, as he scanned her face and nodded.

"She looks hot," he said.

I rolled my eyes and slapped his arm, "Don't be shallow. You should meet her, she's really awesome."

He looked hesitant, before shrugging, "Okay, fine."

"Good, 'cause you're twenty and just admit you're lonely," I said bluntly.

"Don't push it."

Today was Monday, I was just getting ready for school as a random thought popped into my head. I have never seen West with a girl, ever. I have definitely seen the others with girls at school and even Theo brought home a girl once, but West, he never did. So, I decided to hook Amber and West up. I feel like they'd be a good couple, I just need to convince Amber.

I'm also getting my paycheck today, which means right after work, I'd be able to buy Emmet's tickets online. Giovanni said I'd be getting $700, which is plenty. Now, I still need to know what to get Elijah, something that he really likes.

"Boys, get downstairs, you need to leave for school!" Dad shouted as he walked my way, kissing my head quickly before disappearing into the kitchen.

"School sucks," Avery muttered, walking past me. I laughed, following him as dad, West and Theo stood by the door.

"Have a good day at school, don't get into trouble, and stay good," dad warned. I laughed, kissing his cheek, as I waved at Theo and West. After all the goodbyes, all of us left the house and got into the car.

"Who's older, you or Emmet?" I asked Elijah. He snorted pointing to himself, as I nodded. Little did they know that I was just integrating him.

"What do you like doing on your free time?" I asked. He turned his head and furrowed his eyebrows, obviously catching on.

"Why?" He asked. I sighed, annoyed at this point.

"Just answer the damn question!" I exclaimed. Cayden, who was sleeping, shot awake, but, he accidentally slapped me in the face. I groaned and clutched my nose, turning my head and glaring at Cayden.

"Sorry," he muttered. Avery and Elijah were already laughing, Emmet wasn't talking at all. Even if he's the driver, he's always talking with us too, but this time, he's been really quiet.

"Emmet, are you okay?" I asked. He jumped, glancing at me from the rear view mirror, before looking back at the road.

"Dude, you weren't sleeping, were you?" Avery asked cautiously, "Because if you were then maybe you should let Elijah take over—,"

"I wasn't sleeping you, idiot," Emmet muttered. I laughed, as Avery rolled his eyes.

"What happened then?" I asked, looking at him. He huffed out a breath, as he glanced at my face and rolled his eyes. He pushed my face back with his hand, without taking his eyes off the road.

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