Chapter Forty-Four: Stop Being So Blunt!

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The day went by, the halls was a ghost town. I was just putting away all my books in my locker. It football practice today, which is great, because I missed the team and coach so much. Since I got my money for the twins, my shifts have been reduced to Monday and Thursday. The other two, Wednesday and Tuesday are football practices and Friday is the only day I get to relax. I don't mind though, football practice is only an hour long.

I was almost done, when suddenly my locker slammed, barely missing my fingers. I flinched, hard. I may have even jumped four feet in the air, looking to my side. I furrowed my eyebrows, anger flooding through me.

"What the hell do you want?" I asked harshly. All he did was give me an annoyed eye roll, before glaring.

He slapped all my books down, making them scatter everywhere. I looked at him with disbelief, my mouth gaping. "What is your damn problem?!"

"You're my problem," Landon snapped. "Look at this video."

He shoved his phone in my face, making me grab his wrist and pull it back, sending him a glare. I looked at his phone screen, my eyes widening.

It was a video about me telling Landon off...

"How did this get on Instagram?" I asked. He dropped his arm to his side, his eyes full of anger and hatred. Those were not the eyes of Landon when I knew him.

"How the hell am I supposed to know Mayfair?" He growled. Landon has never called me by my last name, especially when he was mad at me. He typed away on his phone, then shoved it back into my hands. "Read it."

I looked down, my jaw dropping.

It was an article full of rumours... displaying me.

I scanned the website, looking at all the titles, 'Norah and Landon are enemies?' Others that made me fume, 'Where's Bella, Norah's best friend?' Another about the guys, 'Has Norah been secretly dating one of the most popular guys in school?' And the last one, 'What's been going on between the Carries and Norah?'

"Who made this?" I asked looking at him. He huffed out a breath, angrily rolling his eyes, his shoulders sagging.

"How would I know?" He snapped.

Ignoring his attitude, I bent down picking up my stuff, as I was about to get up, he shoved me back on the ground. My back hit the floor, pain exploding in my back. I groaned, louder than I should have. "What the hell Landon?!"

"Tell your brother to delete the damn video!" He shouted at me.

"My brother? What do you mean?"

"Avery, he's the one who posted it on Instagram!" He said in exasperation. My eyes widen in realization. As I was about to protest, somebody shouted out to me.

"Hey, Norah--,"

Landon and I both looked over at three teenage boys. More specifically, Carter, Ethan and Jaxon. They all furrowed their eyebrows at one, confused about what was going on. Carter's eyes narrowed at Landon, his hands balling into fists slowly. Ethan's eyes darted between us, slowly turning into a glare. Jaxon closed his eyes, sighed deeply, and crouched down.

Jaxon picked up all my books, before helping me up. Carter already pushed Landon back, as Ethan helped me put back my books in my backpack. "We're late for football."

"Yeah," I said slowly.

"What the heck was happening here? Why the hell were you on the ground?" Carter asked, his face turning into a dark expression.

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