Chapter Twenty-Four: I Might Have Offended Monkeys

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"Come on Mayfair, get your legs working girl!" Coach Travis yelled at me as I took in a deep breath and ran faster. 

Right now, it was the end of the day, which meant football. At first, I was ecstatic about practice, until I found out that Coach wasn't in such a great mood. Apparently, his cat ran away, and Coach absolutely loves cats. His cats' name is Tiger because he looks like a tiger. Once he brought it on a school day, to show the students that his cat was adorable. Let me tell you, it was really cute, but it bit me. I like monkeys way better, they remind me of Avery. Annoying and irritating. Wait, I am deeply sorry, I might have offended monkeys.

"Get your ass in the damn game, Winston!" Coach Travis yelled at Carter, who was the fastest runner. Carter looked furious while I shook my head. 

Once everyone was done, Coach Travis told us to form a circle, "Our football game is coming soon, midgets! We need you guys to get better at this, step into the real world people! You guys are players, build a sweat-,"

"Coach!" I suddenly yelled, which made everyone have their eyes on me, "The game isn't until five months."

Coach Travis was silent, "Oh, my bad. You get what I mean though!"

I felt a sharp sting on my butt, "Ow!"

I spun around to see a dude whistling.

"Excuse me? Did you slap my butt?" I screamed at him. All the guys started laughing as Ethan, Jaxon and Carter glared.

"Course not, why would I-,"

Before he finished his sentence, I narrowed my eyes at him and swept my leg over his legs. He crashed face flat onto the ground with a groan.

My eyes flared with fire as I looked at all the other guys, "If anyone of you does what he did, you'll be on the ground groaning like him, but way worse. You don't play with girls like their dolls, I joined this team to become a player, not some sort of way to get attention. That was gross! Just keep that in mind."

Everyone was silent and as I looked in the corner of my eye, Jaxon was smirking at me. 

"That's exactly what I like to hear," Coach Travis suddenly exclaimed, "give a round of applause for this independent girl!"

Everyone started clapping with hesitation, I smiled and helped the guy up because I do kind of feel bad. I'm sure he learned his lesson too.

"Sorry, Noah."

Everyone became silent as I stared at him, then looked behind me, thinking he probably said that to someone else. I turned back and looked at him with disbelief and so did everyone else.

"It's Norah," I said slowly. His cheeks turned red.

"Y-yeah that's what I meant," I rolled my eyes and couldn't help but smile.

"No problem Goldilocks," I said. 

Now everyone looked at me, including Goldilocks as I shrugged, "I have no idea what his name is, and he has blonde hair."

Everyone laughed as I joined them.

"Just get to your normal spots," Coach Travis said, shaking his head and chuckling. 

Once we were in our spots, coach blew his whistle and the game started.

Ethan yelled 'hut' and passed the football to Ben. We all scattered around as the opposing team got the ball by blocking Carter. William passed it to Goldilocks, I ran up to him and guarded him with a smirk. He tried to pass it low but I bent down and caught it. I quickly passed it to Jaxon and he ran all the way to the end zone and got us the point.

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