Chapter Twenty-Seven: Why Didn't She Tell Me?

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I wheeled my suitcase outside and into the trunk. Three days have passed, with nothing but boringness. I mean, it was your occasional morning swim, the late night barbeque. That's about it though, but the real important part of this is that I got to spend time with my brothers. I mean, look where our siblingship has ended up? In the beginning, they did nothing but hate me, now we act like normal siblings, the usual annoying part, but that's fine because I'm sure that a lot of siblings annoy each other for fun.

But, after all the satisfying and perfect day, it comes to an end.

That's what's happening right now. It's been a month since I've seen Bella, and this is how I see her when I get back?

I'm running. My dads running with me. We both get in the car, slamming the door shut and he quickly shoved the keys in the keyhole. He quickly drove out of the neighbourhood as we all drove to the hospital.

Dad checked the rearview mirror, the white car following us - which is the other guys. A tear slipped from my eye, but I quickly wiped it away.

Why didn't she tell me?


"Is it weird that I'm glad to be home?" Cayden muttered as he pushed past me. I rolled my eyes and shoved him out the way. 

"You're just glad you're home 'cause now you want to sit around and be moody all day," I told him. He rolled his eyes and opened the door.

"Whatever," was his amazing response. I couldn't help but laugh as I made my way to the kitchen, pulling out some food.

"But mom! I really want it, please?" I heard Emmet whine. I was intrigued at this point, and I know it's eavesdropping, but come on, it's probably really important because I've never heard Emmet whine before.

"No means no, Emmet. I'm not letting you go. It's way too far away and I can't tolerate you being there without adult supervision," mom said, pointing a threatening finger at him. He huffed out a breath and crossed his arms.

"Mom, I'm eighteen! I'm an adult, I can't believe this!" He shouted angrily. Now, both of them were having a full glare off. So, I decided to step in.

"Hey, what's--?"

"Not know Norah," mom said, holding up her hand. I took a step back, putting my arms up in defence. "Emmet, this conversation is over, I'm not letting you go."


"No buts mister!" She exclaimed angrily, her fists clenching. "Go to your room now!"

Emmet had the guts to shoot his own mom a glare, before himself, stomped up the stairs and slammed his bedroom door with a loud thud!

Mom rubbed her temples as she sat down on a chair, "Norah, hun, get me some Advil, will you?" 

I nodded and went to the bathroom, searching for it. I finally got it and I walked back to the kitchen and filled a glass with water. Walking back to the dining table, I handed mom the bottle of Advil and water.

"Thanks, sweetheart," she muttered, popping open the lid, and putting two of them in her mouth, before gulping down some water.

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