Chapter Thirty-Five: We Failed You, Hardcore

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Recap: Norah's family found out that she has a hickey. Now, she has to tell her brothers who did it.

What's going to happen?

A/N: Just wanted to quickly say, a couple of you guys said that Norah is too innocent. I just want to point out, that it's a part of her character for her being naive. Now, I know she should have known what a hickey is since she's in high school, I only wrote that part because as her character, she doesn't pay attention to that kind of stuff. In the book, her dad raised her well, and Bella and Landon were good friends, so they all together, they made her a good influence. Please don't get offended, I love all my readers, but I just wanted to point that out ;)


"It was Landon," I said nervously. The guys were silent, their eyes giving me intense stares. After a while of just staring, West turned around, started the car, and drove out the neighbourhood. 

What in the what?

"I-I said it was Landon," I said again. I looked around the car, and all of them were... calm? They were just staring ahead, not looking at me. I furrowed my eyebrows, confused as to why they weren't mad.

Finally, we made it home. Mom and dad still weren't here, and everyone got out except me. I just watched them enter the house, but someone stayed behind.

"Norah," Theo said softly. I got out the car, and he pulled me into a hug. I just hugged him back. "We just want to protect you from those monsters that might steal you away from us. We failed, hardcore."

I furrowed my eyebrows. They think they're not good enough brothers? 

"No, you guys didn't. As I said, I love each and every one of you. Thank you, Theo," I smiled at him as his lips turned into a smile too.

We both entered the house as I went upstairs, feeling relieved. 


"Norah, may I see you?" Mr. Evans asked. I gulped, as everyone turned to stare. Everyone in this knows that Mr. Evans and I have some sort of unknown feud. It's been going on ever since I came into this school. Believe it or not, this might sound stupid, but I heard rumours were going around that I did something to Mr. Evans that made him hate me! I don't know who started the rumour, but it stopped for some time.

I got up from my seat, walking towards his desk. He patted the chair next to him, probably indicating he wanted me to sit there. I sat down, waiting for him to speak.

He sighed and faced me, "Norah, I know what I did, like a month ago. I didn't realize that what I did was wrong. Honestly, you shouldn't forgive me and I deserve it. So, you may ask or say anything you wish to make you forgive me."

I thought about it, "Why do you hate me?"

He looked taken aback. I don't blame him, you don't go up to someone and say, 'why do you hate me?' It's very sudden unless that person really does hate you, then maybe you should ask them.

He sighed, "Norah, I-I don't hate you."

I did a double take, "What?"

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