Chapter Thirty-Four: We're Not Mad At You

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It's been a week. A week full of boringness since nothing really exciting happened. Mom and dad are back from their honeymoon. Now it's Friday, and they just wanted a day out with their children. Luckily, my brothers haven't found out about my hickey. They have been giving me weird glances at me, but not to the point they'd expose me. I just decided to cover the hickey up with my foundation. Honestly, after searching up what a hickey is, I was more than embarrassed and the guys said they'll let it slide and never bring it up.

I changed real quick, into my Avengers hoodie that was black and huge. My dad got that for me like a year ago. I also changed into black jeans, that has slits in the knees. Now, I like this look and all, but I don't like wearing ripped jeans. My favourite jeans were getting washed, and the ones in my closet don't fit me anymore.

I really need new clothes.

I skipped down the stairs, sitting beside my dad after putting my foundation on. I'm a little terrified because there's a lot of things that can go wrong. Somebody might splash water on me and I'll forget all about my hickey so my family can see it! What if they're disgusted? What if they think I'm a pathetic excuse for a daughter and a sister?

I slapped myself so I'd stop thinking about it. Dad looked over with wide eyes, before looking back and chuckling. We waited for mom and my brothers to hurry up, and who says girls take too long getting dressed? Guys can take as much time as they'd desire, just like girls.

Finally, everyone was downstairs. Dad said I could ride with my brothers, and he left without another glance. The guys got in and stared at me.

"Oh, I'll just run," I said casually, waving them off. West rolled his eyes, before pointing behind him with his thumb.

"Or you can go in the trunk," Avery muttered, high-fiving Cayden. I shook my head, before getting in the middle with the twins, since I trust them more. But, I stayed alarmed and made as much distance as possible. The twins rolled their eyes as West pulled out the driveway.

"Why are you still scared Norah? We're not going to do anything to you," Emmet whispered as if he was heartbroken. I sighed, making myself relax.

"I'm sorry. I'm still... paranoid," I said. The truth is, I'm not paranoid from them, I paranoid because of Landon. He forcefully backed me up against the wall and totally took advantage of the situation. I hate it when guys do that, in my opinion, it's such a turn-off. I really did love him, but he made everything worse by doing whatever he did. I know, I know, I moaned at what he did, ew I don't even like saying that word but I made that noise because of hormones people.

"I know you're and we're sorry. Just, please trust us," Elijah said, smiling at me. I gave them a smile too, making Avery groan.

"Can you guys cut it out with this lovey-dovey stuff? It's making me want to throw up!" He practically whined as I smirked at him.

"That's cause you don't have anyone to do the "lovey-dovey" stuff with," I said. He glared at me, looking offended.

"I'll have you know, I've been on multiple dates and had several girlfriends. What have you done?" He asked, his gaze turning more intense. I scoffed, this time being careful of my mouth and not saying anything stupid.

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