Chapter Twenty-One: Why Don't You Join Us For Dinner?

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I opened the door but before I could even step foot into the house, we all got pulled in roughly. Jaxon fell on top of Carter as Adam was at the bottom of them. Honestly, I don't even know how they got into that position, but I told Ethan to take a picture of it anyways. Avery and Cayden were eating dinner already, they glanced at the scene before looking back at their phones. Emmet and Elijah were watching TV, Theo was in the kitchen while West was in front of all us, with crossed arms and he kept tapping his foot with anticipation.

"Get the hell off me, dude! You're so damn fat, god, what do you even eat?" Carter chocked out. Adam frantically waved his arms around, probably because he was dying. Jaxon got helped up from Ethan, as Carter took in a deep breath all dramatically as I helped him up.

Adam laid there, all helpless and flustered. His face was fully red, his veins popping out. He drew in a deep breath quickly and finally relaxed.

He got up and faced West, but flinched and backed away, finally realizing the look he was giving all of us. "What time did I tell you to come back?"

I looked at the others and they just shrugged. "You never said a time."

"Well, I did now!" He suddenly exclaimed, "You're grounded, Norah."

I gaped at him, "You're not my dad!"

"More like daddy," Avery muttered. Heat burned up inside me as Avery smirked at me, I gave him a glare, resisting the urge to flip him off.

"Why don't you boys stay for dinner?" Theo asked, wearing an apron that says; kiss the chef. I shook my head and finally realized what was happening.

"Okay. Stop acting like my mom and dad! They have to leave, by the way," I said quickly. I was about to open the door before Jaxon beat me to it.

"Actually no. We have nothing better to do, so we'll be more than happy to eat here," he said. I rolled my eyes and slapped the back of his head.

"This looks like great food," Carter said. He rubbed his hands together before plopping down in a chair and started devouring the spaghetti. So did Jaxon and Adam, I stared at Ethan who unbelievingly, shrugged pathetically and went to join the rest.

"Weren't you guys full from the food court?" I asked, curious.

"We are grown men,-" I coughed at that which made Jaxon glare "-and we have to eat properly."

"Yeah," Carter said, his face stuffed with spaghetti, "I agree with Jaxon for once, and that's not very often."

"That's because I'm so good, " Jaxon replies. We all stay silent as I snort from the awkwardness. Avery rolled his eyes and stared at me with annoyance.

"Of course you have weird friends. It suits you, " he says. Ethan and Carter look offended while I glare at him.

"Excuse you, mister, but the only weird one here is Jaxon, " I say like it's obvious as Jaxon nods his head like he's agreeing.

"Yeah, exactly what she said- wait, what?"

We all ignored him as we all awkwardly ate food. This whole time, Adam was shooting holes at me and it was really uncomfortable. Also, Avery was starting at Adam, as if he wanted to figure something out. That's when Avery lit up and snapped his fingers.

"You're the guy who threatened Norah!" He exclaimed. Everyone turned to him and gave him a long look, while I glared at him, actually knowing what he meant.

"What do you mean bro?" Cayden asked. Avery repeatedly pointed his finger at Adam, while jumping up and down in his seat. It was a funny view because I have never seen him act so... childish. I covered my mouth with my hand as I tried to stifle my laughter.

"I remember! I saw you almost freaking make-out with her! Like, you know, you had her pushed up against the lockers, I remember it like it was yesterday!" He explained. I turned red and slapped the back of his head, while Adam glared.

West just about exploded as he heard this, "Wait! Before you get mad, we did not do anything weird, he just got mad at me. Don't believe Avery, believe me! I'm generally not lying, I swear!"

West calmed down as I sighed of relief, "Why were you mad at her?"

We started at Adam as he became quiet. He turned a little red as he started rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly.

"I may have got-, "

"I tripped on him! Then h-he got mad since I didn't say sorry."

"What a childish thing to do, " Jaxon said, who started playing with his spaghetti.

We ignored him, "Wait, why would he get mad over you not saying sorry. I'm sorry, but I agree with Jaxon."

I gulped and looked over at Cayden who said that, "He has anger issues."

"That's true."

Adam glared at Ethan, Carter and Jaxon who said that in unison.

"Fine, whatever, I don't care. Can your friends eat faster, Norah? Mom and dad are coming home soon," Theo said. I just ignored the fact that he called my dad his dad.

"We finished anyways. Thanks for the food Norah," Ethan replied with a rare smile. I gave him a smile back as I walked them to the door. They all gave a quick smile, except for Adam, who grimaced when he tried to smile. I rolled my eyes and shut the door, realizing one thing that made my smile drop.

Why is it that I never have as much fun when I'm with Landon, and when I'm with them, I forget about everything in the world?


▪E D I T E D▪

A/N: Oh my lord! There's tea brewing, get your cups ready guys, there are going to be some siptastic chapters! 

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Sorry, lol. That was pretty good though, am I right? Seriously though, Norah, Norah, Norah. Poor Landon, he didn't do anything to you, now did he?

I really do feel bad for Landon, I mean, I thought he was a pretty good character. I guess, for now, he's going to be a side character. Tell me in the comments if I should make Landon a side character.

Thanks for reading! ♛ 

Thanks for reading! ♛ 

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