Chapter Two: They're My Brothers?!

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It was the weekend, and I finally get to meet my new mom. I'm really excited, only because I never really had a mom growing up. She would always get drunk, pass out on the bed, and go out in the middle of the night.

That's why my dad had to take care of me. We are really close, and I love talking with my dad.

Right now, I'm staring at myself in the mirror. Since we're going to have dinner with my new mom, my dad and I wanted to make a good impression, I decided to dress up a little.

I'm wearing a blood red dress, with the sleeves as lace, I paired it with black flat shoes, and I put my hair up in a messy bun.

I think it came out pretty good, and I'm fine with it. I put away all the makeup I used (which wasn't that much) and opened my door to walk down the stairs.

Once I reached the bottom, I saw my dad sitting down on the couch, probably hyperventilating. I understand though, he's about to have dinner with his wife, and he's going to propose too.

"Hey dad, " I said softly rubbing his back. He looked up and took in my appearance and smiled wide.

"You look like a princess, " he said and I laughed.

"It's going to be okay, I'm sure she'll say yes, " I assured him and he took in a deep breath and nodded.

He stood up, "You're looking snazzy." I complimented, but then realized I never want to say that sentence ever again.

He chuckled and hugged me, "Can't wait for you to meet her, she really is sweet and caring."

"I'm sure she is a dad, " I said pulling back and giving him a heartwarming smile.

The doorbell rang and dad went to open it, I followed behind. He opened it to reveal a lady wearing a white lace dress, that comes off her shoulders. I love her dress, and she looks absolutely beautiful!

"Vanessa!" Dad exclaimed and pulled her into an embrace, she laughed and hugged him back.

"You're looking very nice William, " she said and my dad being the man-child he is, blushed a deep red.

"Thanks, Nessa, you look stunning too, " he said and she smiled wide. I didn't really want to interrupt their moment but I had to so I coughed to get their attention.

They both turned to me and dad lit up as if he forgot I was here, "Vanessa, this is my daughter, Norah. Norah this is Vanessa, my girlfriend."

Before I could say hi, she pulled me into a hug, so tight I couldn't really breath. When she let go, she took in my appearance and grinned.

"You look lovely Norah, " she said and I smiled and nodded towards her.

"So do you, " I said and she giggled. My dad led us to the dining room where we sat down, but when we did, Vanessa looked around and frowned.

"There aren't enough seats, " she said and dad widens his eyes while I furrowed my eyebrows.

"What do you mean? There's only the three of us, " I said probably looking dumbfounded. Vanessa turned her head to me as if I said something dumb but then turned to my dad with a scolding look on her face.

"You didn't tell her?!" She exclaimed and dad rubbed his neck while smiling nervously. I raised an eyebrow, interested in where this conversation was going.

"Because there was just a lot going on so I kind of forgot, " my dad explained and Vanessa rolled her eyes and turned back to me.

"I have so-, " she got cut off by the doorbell. She stood up and walked towards it, as she opened it I heard a lot of chatter and footsteps. Once she got back I saw six guys standing there.

The four I confronted on Friday stared at me with a complete dumbfounded look, and so did I.

"William, Norah, meet my six sons. This is Avery-, " she got cut off by me.

"I-I know who they are already, " I stuttered. She tilted her head to one side and dad copied her action.

"They go to my school, " I said quietly. My dad and her face lit up like a cute little puppy getting adopted.

"Then you guys must be great friends!" She exclaimed happily and the five of us widen our eyes.

"No! She-," Avery started but Cayden nudged him in his stomach. I rolled my eyes at them and sat down and smirked.

"Oh look at that, there's no more room, guess you guys have to sit on the floor, " I said giving them a sly smirk, while my dad gave me a hard look.

I couldn't help myself.

We finally settled in the dining room and I was gladly sat a the end so they wouldn't try something, but they were still glaring at me. I have seen Theo and West around, but never have I ever tried to make a conversation with them.

They're brothers probably told them about me.

Apparently, Vanessa and dad are deep in conversation because I don't think they can tell that six scary and intimidating guys are glaring at me. Do they not get tired of this?

I then finally thought of something, because even though they're really intimidating towards other people, they just don't scare me. Theo and West are on my left, while Avery and Cayden are on my right.

I slowly but surely slid my arms towards their drinks and as I reached their glasses I knocked them down, and I hastily put my hand on my fork and shovelled food in my mouth, looking down and pretending I didn't do anything.

"What the flip!?" Avery and Theo shouted at the same time, but knowing them they obviously didn't day flip.

Vanessa and dad looked at them and Vanessa tsked and got up grabbing some paper towel while dad helped Theo get to the bathroom.

I fought back a smile, but Cayden noticed that and glared while clenching his jaw. I gulped as Avery came back and sat back down. He motioned West to lean in, which he did, and he whispered something to both West and Avery. All three of them made eye contact with me.

Avery was furious, West smirked, and Cayden snickered quietly.

This is not going to go well.

Theo came back, grumbling something under his breath, and as he sat back down, West learned in his ear and whispered something. Once he was done, Theo snapped his head to my direction and shot me a cold hard glare that made me shrink in my seat.

We were finally done eating, my dad and Vanessa got up and poured some wine in a glass, but dad stopped me.

"Why don't you and the boys go to your room?" He asked and I gave him a dirty look.

"You're sending me to my room, with six boys?" I asked and he stood up and leaned to whisper.

"I'm going to propose to her, please Norah for me?" he whispered and I gave him a smile.

"Sure dad, " I nodded and gave Vanessa a wave. Once I turned, the guys were giving me a smirk.

I think this was a bad idea.


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