Chapter Five: We Don't Like Him

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I walked to school since Emmet Elijah said I'm not allowed to drive with them. I was annoyed but brushed it off. I was now at my locker, putting my books away until Landon, my guy best friend, came up to me.

I like him as a friend a lot, and I think I even like him more than Bella, who's been my best friend since forever. That's only because of Bella gossips a lot when she doesn't even know them.

"Hey Norah," he sings leaning against the locker beside mine. I glance at him and send him a quick smile then go back to organizing.

"Aw c'mon, don't be like that! Where's the sweet and nice Norah I know?" He taunts and I try my best not to roll my eyes, but you should try to find the keyword.

"Landon. Hi, what do you want?" I ask and as I said, I like Landon but right now I'm just a little stressed about my stepbrothers.

He looks a little a taken aback but brushes it off as if nothing ever happened. "How are you doing?"

I sigh. "Sorry, Landon. Just a lot of stuff has been happening at it's tearing me apart. I'm just not in a fantastic mood, so sorry for taking it out on you."

He waves me off. "Nah, I get it. Wanna go for some lunch?"

I smile and close my locker shut. "Of course."

Landon and I walk over to the cafeteria, and I just can't get over the fact that Landon is an amazing friend. He has always been there for me, and I know I say that about Bella, and don't get me wrong Bella has been there for me, but Landon just always knows how to bring my mood up.

We enter the cafe and the sound of chatter immediately fills my ears. I never really liked crowded places, only because you get pushed a lot if you're a short person, I am a short person, but there's just so many people that smack their mouths when they eat.

If you haven't noticed, that's my pet peeve.

Once we get our lunch we got a table at the back of the room and sat down. We talked for a few minutes and suddenly the cafe got quiet.

The doors slam open, and I flinch, and Landon notices and looks away. I look up at who aggressively opened the door, and you won't believe who it is.

Those four idiots.

Believe it.

They entered it like they owned the whole damn world. I rolled my eyes, as all the girls started fanning their faces dramatically and all the guys' faces, were priceless. They had beads of sweat running down their foreheads as if those four were about to do something to them. Landon and I just watched as they made it to their table.

What an entrance.

Cayden and I made eye contact, though as he looked at me, his eyes travelled over to Landon and his eyes grew big. He hit Avery in the shoulder and he whipped his head to Cayden but then Cayden pointed in our direction, Avery followed his finger and his jaw dropped. He nudged Elijah and Emmet who were talking to each other, Avery pointed at Landon who wasn't even paying attention, and as both of the twins followed his finger they narrowed their eyes.

I rolled my eyes as I looked back at Landon. He was eating his food while looking at his phone. I smiled softly and rested my head on my fist. Okay, you could say I was being a little creepy, but actually, I'm pretty sure people think it's normal. Right?

I got a ping from my phone and it was from Bella. She said she wasn't coming to school today, I furrowed my eyebrows as I looked at the text. She never misses school, wonder what's happening.

Remember when I said I don't like talking to boys? Well, I don't want you to get confused but I really like talking to Landon since he's the only one I'm comfortable with.

Suddenly, there were shadows over me. Landon has already looked up and he was furrowing his eyebrows. I slowly turned around and it was Cayden with crossed arms, and as I looked at everyone in the cafe, they were all looking at us.

What the hell-

I was roughly pulled up from my seat from Cayden. Though, as he was about to literally kidnap me, Landon grabbed my wrist tightly and glared at Cayden.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" He demanded. Cayden rolled his eyes and yanked my hand out of Landon's grip.

"None of your damn business," he replied simply and before I could process anything we were both out of the cafeteria. I looked at Cayden - who was looking ahead - and frowned. What was his problem?

He dragged me out the whole school and I widen my eyes.

"Hey! Stop it Cayden, where the heck are we going?" I asked him trying to raise his fingers off my wrist.

He didn't say anything and instead, he gripped my wrist stronger. I huffed and was digging my feet into the ground, praying he would let me go. He sighed, irritated and lifted me up onto his shoulders.

"Yo, what the hell? Let me down-," I stopped short and hanged my head. I'm not stupid, he is too stubborn to let me down.

After a while, we were behind the school. I was set on the ground and he shoved me on the ground and put a firm grip on my shoulder so I wouldn't try to escape.

I sighed and put my head up to only jump a little, not expecting the other three to be here.

"What do you guys want?" I asked crossing my arms. Emmet, who was leaning against the wall, ran his hand through his hair and sat crisscrossed from across me. I raised an eyebrow.

"Who was that guy?" He asked and I was confused at first, but then realized who he was talking about.

"Landon?" I asked, and they, for some reason, clenched their jaws.

"Yes, who is he to you?" Elijah commanded, and I couldn't help but look at them skeptically.

"He's my best friend," I said slowly.

"We don't like him."

I blinked three times. Are they serious right now?

"Are you guys crazy?" I shouted standing up. "Literally yesterday you were telling me that I'm not your sister and you guys aren't my brothers. You can't just start acting as if I'm your sister that you love dearly and act like protective brothers. That's not how it works. I wanted you guys to be my brothers, but if you don't want to be mine, then fine by me. Don't act as you know me, cause' you don't! Just pretend me that you don't know me and hate me."

At this point I was walking away, trying to hold in my tears. I'm walking away from them, from the school, and away from their lives.

I hate them.


▪E D I T E D▪

A/N: Hey, sorry it's been a while since I've posted. Hope you all enjoy this one though. Oh, and one more thing! I want to make a trailer for this novel, but I don't know how to ask someone. Do I just put my email in the summary so you can make a trailer for me?

I don't know how it works.

Lol, see you all later! 🖤

Lol, see you all later! 🖤

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