Chapter Twenty-Nine: I Know How It Feels

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A/N: Peyton List as Bella Maxwell (even though she doesn't have blue eyes, just pretend). FUN FACT: I actually met Peyton List in real life like in grade four or three (so four or five years ago). That is also the EXACT picture of the autograph she gave me. If you think I'm lying, then go to the bottom (the AUTHORS NOTE) and see the autograph she gave me :)



"Norah, can you get the hell up? God, you sound like an old man snoring," I heard someone grumble. I whined, squirming around. I slowly opened up my eyes, before getting blinded by the light. I shielded them, turning my head to see West standing there with crossed arms and an amused expression on his face. I could see somewhat of a smirk playing on lips.

"What are you so interested about?" I asked him, squinting. He pursed his lips, I can obviously tell he's trying not to burst out laughing. Then, he pointed his finger at me and I furrowed my eyebrows, that's when I heard a loud snore.

I looked down my eyes widening at the sight. There was Ivy, laying on my lap, my feet rested on the bed that Bella was sleeping on. Then I saw Cayden, he was hugging me from my side, his face in my neck. His breathing was really warm, but every time he let out a breath, it tickled my neck and let the hairs on my back stand.

He was totally the one who whispered that at night.

I sighed, looking at West for help. He sighed, coming over and picking Ivy off my legs, then I lifted Cayden's head off my neck, and placed him so he his head was falling back. I shook my head and made a clicking sound with my tongue and teeth. He looked really uncomfortable so I just decided to wake him up.

"Cayden, wake up, it's morning," I whispered. He murmured something that I couldn't hear that well, something like 'I'm not heavy, you are.' I furrowed my eyebrows before shaking my head. He slowly opened his eyes, blinking a couple of times.

"Hold on a second!" I exclaimed a realization hitting me. I spin around, looking at West. "What about school?" 

West shrugged, "I don't know nor do I care. I'm out of school, so, don't ask me about it."

I rolled my eyes, leaving the room. Everyone was still sleeping, well, I didn't see Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell, they probably left to go downstairs. I snorted when I saw Theo and Avery. Avery had his snapback over his head, covering his eyes, while his legs dangled from the chair. Theo had his chair in front of Avery's, his legs resting on his stomach. Theo had his arms crossed, while his hoodie was pulled over his head, blocking his eyes from the sunlight. This was so precious, I had to take out my phone and click a picture.

"Are you done?" A voice said from behind me. I laughed, turning around. West had Ivy on his back, while she played with his hair. I couldn't help but smile since West was a very intimidating individual, and seeing a sweet little girl on his back, ruined his whole demeanour. Ivy glanced at me, before flashing me her signature smile. Then, she winked, before pulling a strand from West's hair, making him groan and shut his eyes.

"Ivy, I let you go on my back, but you aren't allowed to pull on my hair babe," he said, cringing. Ivy giggled, as I smirked at him.

"Sorry, Westy Pie," she said. I pursed my lips, as he narrowed his eyes at me. I coughed, turning away, trying not to suddenly burst out laughing.

"Yeah, let's go Westy Pie," I mumbled quietly, smirking. He frowned, rolling his eyes and clenching his jaw. Ivy whined and climbed off his back.

"Let's go get CC first!" She exclaimed, running back into the room. But, Cayden was already out of the room, so, she ran face-first into him. Ivy let out a little a little scream, falling onto the ground with an oof! 

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