Chapter Forty: Are You Deaf Or Something?

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A/N: Amber as Madelaine Petsch above. Have you guys seen Riverdale? Don't judge me, but I haven't seen it, nor do I plan on seeing it. I know everyone talks about it and say they love it, but I have seen the trailer and I'm not interested in it. Sorry if I offended the Riverdale fans, but we all have opinions! :D


Tyler did a double take, narrowing his eyes. He looked back at the other three guys, as they all looked equally as confused. "Why would we fight you? You're a girl."

"So? I'm the one saying it, so just fight me," I said.

"You're joking, right? You can't be serious--,"

I cut him off with a punch. He groaned, clutching his nose, I threw my backpack on the ground and grabbed his collar and pulled him close. I stared him dead in the eyes, as he widens them.

"I'm dead serious," I whisper. I kneed him in the stomach, before pushing him away and him falling onto the ground. I smirked at the other three, who had dropped jaws.

One of them suddenly came at me, but I quickly grabbed their arm and twisted it behind their back. The dude groaned as I pushed his legs so he bent them and fell to the ground. I felt someone behind me, so I ducked, letting the guy miss me. I turned and did a roundhouse kick, which I didn't even know I could do!

He fell, groaning loudly. The last guy was clenching his fists, as he stomped over. I tried throwing a punch, but he got a grip on my arm. I did the other arm and he did the same thing, so I kneed him in his baby makers. His grip loosened, so I yanked my arms back and kicked him square in the stomach. All of them were on the ground, a groaning mess. Emmet and Elijah were stunned, but quickly grabbed my arm and backpack and pulling me along.

"Dude, catch her!" Somebody screamed from behind. I felt a grip on my arm, yanking me back. It was Tyler, who looked livid. I bit his arm, as Emmet punched him in the face. He stumbled back, falling back to the ground. We all ran away from the guys, as we got close to our house.

I looked back and no one was there. I sighed, as we all started walking. It was awkward, like really silent. We finally reached home, and as I opened the door, West was there pacing around the living room. He snapped his head at us, running over and pulling us in a hug.

"Where were you guys?! I was worried sick!" He exclaimed. As he let go, his eyes go wide as he looked at Emmet and Elijah. He pulled them into the kitchen as he ran to the bathroom and cleaned all their cuts.

"Dude, you're our brother, not father," Elijah groaned. I laughed quietly, as West glared at me.

"And where were you? You were supposed to be back at 9," he said, looking at the clock, "it's 10!"

"Emmet was supposed to pick me up, but..." I trailed off, smirking at them.

Elijah sighed, "Fine, we got beaten up by Tyler, Cameron and the twins."

West rolled his eyes and groaned, "Of course it was them."

"But, you should be proud of her," Emmet said, smiling at me, "show him the video, Elijah."

"You recorded it?!" I exclaim, throwing my arms up in exasperation. They ignored me as West looked at the video.

"What? Norah, where did you learn all this from?!" West says, looking at me with disbelief. I just shrugged sheepishly.

"I don't really know. I just... fought them, I guess," I said. Okay, I'm obviously lying. I used to fight when Alex died, and when I started getting older, I decided to let all my anger out on fighting. So, once my dad took me to the gym and I gave it my best. After a little while, when all my moves were skilled, I took a break.

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