Chapter Six: It Was Them, I Swear!

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"Ms. Mayfair, are you talking in my class?" Mr. Evans says as he turns around. I swear this dude wants me to die. It was the guys beside me who were snickering and me sending them a glare. I have a female voice, how do you compare a guys voice to a female one? Like, this guy doesn't have any common sense, which is weird since he's a teacher.

I grit my teeth, "No. It was them." I pointed to the guys beside me who scowled, Adam, who hated my guts, turned to Mr. Evans and smiled innocently.

"It wasn't me dad, I swear," Adam said. Oh, did I forget to say, Adam Evans? Yeah, that's his dad. The two of them are like a duo wanting me to die one day.

Mr. Evans crossed his arms as the whole class watched in amusement, "So now you're going to blame my son? Shame on you Ms. Mayfair."

He tsked and shook his head and I clenched my jaw and bit tongue to not say something stupid. Though, it was too late.

I stood up from my desk, pushing back my chair, "I wasn't talking! It was them! You just said that cause' he's your son! He has a deeper voice, and my voice is higher! How do you confuse them together? It clearly just shows how much you want to make my life hell!"


"What?" He demands and narrows his eyes at me while pointing to the door, "Go to the office, Ms. Mayfair."

"No!" I shout. "You have no right to do this to me! I didn't talk and you know that you're just trying to get me in trouble. If you're rude, then you don't deserve my respect! Why are you still teaching in this damn school?"

The class was dead silent. Why am I being like this? This is all because of those four! I told them off and now I'm just in a foul mood. I don't like it though, it's just not me. I took a deep breath in and sat back down.

"I'm not leaving this class since you and Adam knew it wasn't me," I stated directly, "continue with your freaking lecture."

After a few minutes of awkward silence, Mr. Evans gave me a glare before coughing and beginning his lecture again. I glanced at Adam who was giving me a knowing frown. I rolled my eyes and set my head on the desk.

When the bell finally rang I shot out the class before Mr. Evans can give me a speech of not talking back to the teacher. Once I reached to my locker, there was a note attached to it. I took it off and read it.

Dear Norah,
Sorry but you get another ride home. We don't need your aura in our car. By the way, once you get home, it might be locked. We're having a party tonight, and we don't need you snitching on us like the "witch" you are. Your dad and our mom are not home tonight since they're going on a date. So, if you dare to tell on them, we are literally going to rip out your throat.
From, the twins.

I tsked and ripped it up. I'll just have to walk home today. When I was done putting everything away in my locker, I walked outside. As I was walking, my mind wandered off.

Are they really having a party? I don't really care if the door is locked since I have a spare key, but I do care if they're having a party. Ew, sweaty teens. Oh my god! What if people do the 'deeds' on my bed? Gross! I thought people were scared of them, to be honest, I hope the party's' lame so everyone leaves.

Midway, I felt a drop of water on my nose, followed by another, and another. Soon, it was full on pouring. Great! How great? I don't have an umbrella on me, and of course, it just had to start rain. I started running towards the direction, shivering. Goosebumps formed all over my arms.

I finally got the house. I panted, shivered, fumbling to look for my key in my bag. I dropped it as I was opening the door, my hands were barely functioning. When the door made a satisfying clicking sound, I pushed open the door. My teeth were chattering, I hugged myself to try to make myself warmer, but it didn't work.

Everyone was rushing around, setting up. Emmet and Elijah were putting food on the table. Cayden and Avery were setting up a disco light. Theo was hauling in a DJ set while West was switching the settings on it.

Where the hell did they get a freaking a DJ table?!

They haven't noticed me yet, so gritting my teeth I slammed the door shut with all my might. They snapped theirs towards me and widen their eyes.

"Yeah!" I began, "Wanna know why I'm wet? Look outside!"

They slowly looked out the door and looked nervous all of a sudden.

"Why can't I go in the car with you guys?" I asked Emmet and Elijah demandingly. They exchanged looks before sighing.

"Because we're-,"

"Stupid! I know, I can tell. I don't care, I am driving in the car with you guys."

Before they could process what I just said I crossed my arms, "You know what? Why don't you just throw me out the window while you're at it! Why are you guys going to have a party? You two go to college, shouldn't you have a life by now?"

Theo and West glared at me, "For your information, we dropped out."

"You're not making your point."


I rolled my eyes but before I made it up the stairs, Avery coughed.

"What?" I snapped at him and he looked at me confused, "Gotta hairball in your mouth? Want me to get it for you? While I'm at it, why don't I just choke you to death! How does sound?"

Everyone stepped back while Cayden raised arms, "Why are you acting like this?"

I froze. Why am I acting like this? It's weird. I don't like it. I gulped.

"I-I don't know," I managed to choke out. I was about to say more when something caught my attention.

"Who hung that up?" I demanded, the guys followed my eyes to only land on a boy hugging me and kissing my cheek.

"Your dad. We asked if that was your boyfriend and he said no," Theo muttered.

"Did he say anything else?" I asked warily.


I sighed with relief. Then raced to it, and took it down. I looked at the others who looked confused.

"I-its my cousin," I said before running upstairs and locking my bedroom.

No one can know who he is.


▪E D I T E D▪

A/N: Ooooh, sister James, are you proud? Lmao, sorry I had to do that. How was this chapter, did you enjoy it?

I really did, because half the time Norah snapped at everyone and it was fun writing.

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