Chapter Forty-One: Our Princess In Shining Coffee

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A/N: Ladies and gentleman, the new cast above! Well, it's not really new, I mean, I only changed three people. I just want to get this off my chest, but, a few people have been saying on the FIRST cast list that my cast needed improvement. Now, I know, it was the not the BEST but... my characters don't HAVE to be "hot" or good looking. I changed around some people just to make you guys happy, but I honestly think that my first cast looked good. This isn't written to offend someone, but, I just wanted to point it out. Love you all! ♡


"I don't have a good vibe around those guys," Amber muttered beside me.

It has been three days since the incident with the gang. Three days since Vanessa apologized to me, which, I decided to forgive her. I can't really stay mad at her for the rest of my life, but, I'll try and not to get too close to her. Three days since West said he loved me. I'm sure you get it. Now, I'm back at work, but today was not a normal day.

"Yeah, no dip Amber," Xavier said, rolling his eyes. We were watching four guys, acting very immature. They were really loud, like, really loud. Other people were getting very uncomfortable since their jokes were dirty, others were getting annoyed since they were doing their work, even a few left because of them! It's only been five minutes since they got in here, and they're already causing chaos.

"I'm not ordering for them. Someone has to kick them out," Amber said, leaving me and Xavier alone. Xavier looked at me and gave me a little push as I furrowed my eyebrows and looked at him with disbelief.

"You're the boss!" I told him sharply. 

"Yeah, but this will help you. Things like this always happen! I suggest you give it a try and kick them out or tell them to be quieter," he said calmly. I look back at them and shake my head.

"They're college kids though," I said. 

"I'm right here with you. Also, your friends are right next to them," he said, pointing his thumb at Ethan, Carter and Jaxon. I followed his thumb and pursed my lips. Ethan kept clenching his jaw and fist at them, obviously annoyed, Carter was glaring and Jaxon was mouthing 'get a life' at them.

I laughed at Jaxon, before glancing over at Xavier, and walking over to them. I coughed for the guy's attention, and all of them were looking at me. Carter widens his eyes, while he stood up, but Jaxon pulled him down and mouthed 'get your popcorn ready.'

"I'm sorry but you guys are being really loud. You're all disturbing other customers, please, just stop," I said, gritting my teeth. They were quiet until one of them stood up, laughing, before swinging his arm over my shoulders. 

"I suggest you, to shut your mouth sweetheart," he said, getting close to my face. I rolled my eyes, before staring at his hand. I looked between his hand and him before I slowly picked up his finger up and dropped it.

"Well, I suggest you... uh, t-to keep your arms to yourself, mister," I said. I nodded my head smirking, before sticking my hand out to Carter for him to high five, but he just shook his head and said that was awful.

Another guy looked me up and down and wolf whistled. Which made me shiver in return. "The names Leo, what's your name honey?"

"It's none of your business. I'm not here to make friends, I'm warning you guys. If you aren't going to be quieter, then I might as well kick you all out," I said, crossing my arms. Ethan let out a low whistle, as Jaxon clapped.

"You go, sister!" Jaxon exclaimed. I couldn't help but laugh a little.

"Are you guys her friends or something? 'Cause if you aren't will you all just shut the hell up and mind your own damn business?" The guy who put his arm around me said. I clenched my jaw and looked at Xavier.

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