Chapter Forty-Nine: Oh, You Have Got To Be Kidding Me

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"What in the hell are you doing here?!" I screamed at the crazy lady in front of me. Mom stood up, walking over to me. And no, not in as Vanessa, but as my real mom. "Get away! I can't believe you're here." I said in disbelief. She grabbed my hand, roughly may I add, and twisted it. I hissed as her nails dug inside my skin. "Let go!" 

"Shut up," she seethed at me. I shut up, but I didn't stop struggling. She rolled her eyes and groaned, "And stop moving around!" Do you think I'll listen to her?

That's when I heard the door open. But, something metal hit my head. A killing buzz rang in my ears as I slowly dropped to the floor. My eyes started drooping, and the only thing I heard was a weak high five before I closed my eyes and fell into deep sleep.


Groaning, I tried shifting. I failed because something was holding me in place. My eyes felt heavy, but I forced them open anyways. A bright light blinded my eyesight, as I looked away from it. Blinking a few times, I took in the room I was in.

I was pitch black around me, except for the damn light that was in my face. I looked down, and I was still wearing my clothes from... whatever day it was. There was duct tape on my face, obviously, I couldn't move my mouth. Ropes were tied around my ankled, around the chair, stopping me from standing up. My hands were tied back around the chair, making my arms feel uncomfortable and awkward. 

I heard a quiet sound of the door creaking open. I flinched, panicked who came into the room. A dark figure towards me slowly, making me stiffen in place. That's when their form came into the light, making me see their face. 


He looked the same. Expect the fact his face was a little bruised. His cruel smirk plastered on his face, making me shiver in. With his dark blue shirt and black sweater that was unzipped. His black jeans with slits in the knees. He was wearing white slip on converse. His hand reached up to my face, as he took a hold of the tape and ripped it right off. I gasped, feeling the burning feeling. I looked back at him with a glare as he smiled innocently, "Ow!"

He feigned his shock, "Oh, did I hurt you, Norah?"

"Did I hurt you' my ass," I muttered.

He chuckled, shaking his head, "You really are the one."

"The one for what?" I snapped. He grinned, turning around. "Hey come back! I need to know what you mean! I'm serious Tyler, if you don't get your ass over here, I'll beat the hell out of you!" I exclaimed angrily. Instead of Tyler coming back, another person came into the room, and I'm pretty sure he was the youngest.

"Who are you?" I asked, tilting my head.

"Ashton," he mumbles. With his dark brown hair and green eyes, I could definitely tell Tyler was his older brother. He was wearing a maroon long sleeved shirt with a black hoodie tied around just below his waist. His white skinny jeans were slightly sagging as his hands were both shoved into his pockets. Like his shoes, he was wearing black Vans. I couldn't help but admire his fashion sense. Boy does he have good taste.

"Aren't you fifteen?" I asked. He rolled his eyes but nonetheless nodded. Other than Tyler, he kept a straight face. No smirk, no nothing. His eyes kept shifting to the ground as if he was shy. There's definitely something different about this boy that I like. Not his cockiness (but I do admire it), I like his sense of fashion but not that either.

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