Chapter Twelve: Truth Or Dare?

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"What?" I ask, warily.

"What! Is that all you have to say?" West demands angrily. I'm pretty confused, I don't know what happened.


"Let me enlighten you." He said, cutting me off, "What time does your school end?"

"Uh... 3:45?" I say, it sounded more like a question though.

"Exactly. Now, what time is it now?" He asks, I look at the clock and narrow my eyes.

"4:15," I answer looking back at West. He waits as if he wants me to say something else.

"You're half an hour late!" He shouted at me. I looked at him as if he was losing his mind, which, I think he is.

"W-what? I'm 16!" I exclaimed. He rolled his eyes and stepped closer to me, instantly, I don't know why, but I remember when Avery and the others almost raped me. So I flinched and he noticed.

He looked at me for a moment and averted his gaze to the floor, "Just don't do it again." With that, he walked into the kitchen.

I sighed. Why does he even care? It is it really that easy they will start caring about me? I slid my backpack and hung it up on the coat rack. I looked around the room and didn't see anyone.

"Where is everyone-,"

"Why do you ask so many questions?!" West snapped, cutting me off. He turned to me to glare and I looked at him for a long time until I rolled my eyes, while shaking my head.

"Nevermind," I said. Racing up the stairs, I heard lewd noises. Oh my god, it's coming from Theo's room. That's gross. I knew what he was doing, so I decided not to go in there.

I went inside my room and jumped on my bed. 

At around dinner time, everyone was home. Avery brought his friends over, his two best friends, Hunter and Mitchel, they were the only ones that could know about me though. I don't like them, they're too... ignorant.

"Come on guys, let's play truth or dare," Cayden suggested. I was the last one eating since they called me downstairs late, so, now everyone was playing truth or dare, not like I want to play with them.

I watched them as they got into a circle, "Norah-,"

"No!" Avery screamed. We both glared at each other.

Theo sighed, "Okay, Cayden, you start."

"Avery, truth or dare?"


"Describe who you hate."

Avery looked at me and smirked. I grit my teeth and tried my hardest not to stick the middle finger at him, too late.

I flipped him off and quickly took it away, "You guys are a bad influence!'

He rolled his eyes, "She has blond hair, always in a braid, has a terrible sense of fashion, probably the most idiotic person I know, very weak-,"

"Okay, what the heck?" I exclaimed angrily, Mitchel and Hunter snickered next to him as I glared at them.

"We might know who that is," Emmet muttered, "Avery you go."

"Hunter," Avery smirked at Hunter who smirked right back, "truth or dare?"


"Cayden, turn on the timer," Cayden did what Avery instructed, "curse for twenty seconds straight."

"Easy enough," Hunter nodded at Cayden and he started the timer. That's when he started spewing out swear swords. I started getting hot and flustered so I covered my ears.

When they were done, Hunter looked like he climbed Mount Everest. 

"Alright," West said, "go Hunter."

"West," Hunter replied, staring at West, "truth or dare?"


"I dare you to choose someone to slap you."

"Norah," he said without hesitation. I did a double take and he shrugged.

"I'm not even playing!" I said, putting my arms up in surrender. Emmet and Elijah rolled their eyes.

"Don't you want to slap him," Emmet asked. I looked at West and shook my head.


"Just do it!" Everyone in the room exclaimed, even West. I sighed and told him to stand up, I stood in front of him and drew my arm back, and slapping him across the face.

Honestly, that felt good.

Everyone erupted with laughter, as West scowled at them since his cheek became red in seconds, "Anyway, Mitchel, truth or dare?"


"Who's the sexiest person here?"

He smirked at me as I glared at him, then I burped.

"Nevermind," he muttered. I felt myself blush.

Mitchel stared at Cayden, "Truth or dare?"


"Who here has the nicest ass?" 

He hesitated until he slowly turned to me and stared at my butt, I shot up stared at him with disbelief.

"What is the matter with you? I'm your stepsister!"

He snickered and pointed at Hunter and winked. We all rolled our eyes.

"Okay Cayden, you go," Theo said."

"Norah, truth or dare."


Hunter and Mitchel groaned but we ignored them.

"Who accidentally walked in on you naked?" He asked, and I widen my eyes since that happened.

"L-Landon," I muttered, but I don't think they heard me.


"Landon," I said, more loudly. I was fiddling with my fingers, as the room fell silent. 


Now that was a night to remember.


N O T E D I T E D▪

A/N: Yes, truth or dare! Did you guys enjoy this chapter? 

I'm so sorry it's short! I'm so tired right now.

Goodnight and thanks for reading! ♡ 

Goodnight and thanks for reading! ♡ 

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