Chapter Nine: Don't Touch Her!

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"Your nose looks terrible," said my best friend, Landon. Okay, I can't really argue with him. It really does look horrible. After Avery punched me, it felt like I smashed a brick against my freaking nose. Now, I didn't really want to go to school, but I kind of have to. Dad said it'll heal sooner than later. I don't really agree, but nonetheless, nodded.

"I know, I know," I said raising my arms up in surrender, "can't blame me though, can you?" I haven't told Landon that I have a new family now, but I will don't worry. I really do trust Landon and why would he go up to someone and be like, 'hey my friend Norah got new stepbrothers.'

"Let's just go to class," he said, chuckling. We both had period one together and sadly, we have Cayden too. Unfortunately, we have physics first thing in the morning, at least the teacher's nice though. Ms. Ryders is pretty young and a lot of the guys have a crush on her, I think it's a little weird to have a crush on your teacher, but what could I do? It's not like Landon has a crush on her.

We arrived right when the bell rang. Ms. Ryder saw Landon and I enter and smiled sweetly at us. Once everyone was in the class, she did attendance really quick and began the class.

"Good morning, students!" She said all cheery, some kids groaned, other's actually said good morning, and the rest just didn't say anything. She rolled her eyes, but still kept a smile on her face.

"Guess what?" She said, nobody, said anything so she just continued, "I got engaged!"

I smiled brightly for her, though, some of the guy's eyes widen and jaws dropped, I started clapping and soon other girls and boys joined in. Joey Richards, who has the biggest crush on Ms. Ryders, stood up from his desk.

"Wait, you're kidding right?" He asked, turning to his friends for support, "She is, right?"

Ms. Ryders suddenly looked down, "What do you mean, Joey? I got engaged over the weekend. How come you're upset? It's not like I'm retiring."

Joey awkwardly laughed and sat back down, "Oh, it's nothing, Ms. Ryders. It was just unexpecting."

I looked at Joey and gave him a teasing smirk, he saw and stuck his tongue out childishly.

Joey and I are those kinds of friends who just say 'hi' and 'hello' to each other. We're also more than that though, we like to tease each other a lot. You could say he's pretty childish, and another thing I like about him is that he's like Landon. Someone I'm comfortable with, especially since he's a boy.

Ms. Ryders started talking about her fiance aimlessly, and I don't mind, but we have a class here. Everyone didn't really pay attention, neither did Landon or I. We just started talking, but in the corner of my eye, I see Cayden keeping a close eye on us. It was a little creepy, and I think his friends were asking what the hell he was staring at.

I quickly averted my eyes and chatted with Landon for the whole period.

Once the bell rang, Landon and I went to our separate classes, but nope, I got pulled back from my hoodie. I groaned and looked back at Cayden, who was grinning.

"We both have the second period together, carry my books," he said dropping his stuff into my arms. I stumbled a little, but found my balance and scowled at him.

"You have arms and I'm not your servant," I growled. He raised his eyebrows and rolled his eyes. Surprisingly, he took them off and walked away.



It was now lunch. The bell rang, students, rushing out the door. I was the last to leave, before Mr. Evans glaring at me. I rolled my eyes when I turned around and walked to my locker. Though I wasn't alone at my locker, I apparently had company.


I narrowed my eyes at him as he smiled at me. He stepped aside and I opened my locker to put stuff away, he was just watching my every move. At this point, he was getting creepier every second. I shut my locker and crossed my arms.

"What do you want Adam?" I asked, bothered.

He looked taken aback but then fixed his posture so he was straight, "Nothing. I was just going to ask if you finished the homework for my dads class."

I raised an eyebrow, "Sure. Whatever."

He nodded, "I'll take that as a yes. Anyways, can I copy off it."

I rolled my eyes and tsked, "No way. Ask your dad for help, he is the teacher."

I started walking away until he grabbed my arm and turned me around, "No! He doesn't help me since he says that I'm his son and students might think that he just gives me the answers. Please, Norah!"

I furrowed my eyebrows, "Teachers are supposed to help you if you need it. I really don't-,"

He shoved me against the lockers. I shut my eyes from the impact and whimpered. Adam has never acted like this, and sure he hates me but he's never gone this far. Plus, why is he so worked up over homework?

"Norah, listen! I really can't do anything. Please, can you at least help me? I just need help, and m-maybe I'll-,"

He was suddenly cut off by someone yanking him off. At first, I thought it was Landon, but it's the person I least expected.


"Don't flippin' touch her!" He shouted at him, Adam looked like he peed himself, and I wasn't surprised, I mean it's Avery we're talking about.

"Why d-don't you mind your-," Adam started saying but stopped when Avery shot him a look saying I-dare-you-to-finish-that-sentence. Adam gulped and scurried up to his feet and ran away.

I sighed, "Why'd you help me?"

Avery looked at me and rolled his eyes, "Seriously? The least I could get is a thank you."

I smiled softly, "Thanks."

He looked at me for a moment, "Yeah. No problem. Who was that, anyways? It looked like he was trying to freaking makeout with you."

This time, I rolled my eyes, "No. He was trying to get me to help him with his homework. He's a little demanding though."

Avery nodded, "I could see that." With that, he started walking to the cafe, but before he turned the corner, he looked back and nodded.




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